WWE not happy with SmackDown ratings?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Vickie solves ratings problems!
  2. SD just needs moar DB and CM Punk.
  3. > Books shit shows
    > Gets bad ratings
    > Makes Vickie GM in hopes of getting better ratings

    They make Vickie the GM in hopes of getting better ratings? I don't not like Vickie but that is some ridiculous reasoning to make her the GM of Smackdown.
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  4. What have the ratings been like? Unless they are dramatically decreasing I don't see why WWE would give a fuck about SD ratings honestly. Want better ratings? Stop taping the shows.
  5. Yeah, and friday evening? Fuckkk off
  6. since most everyone who doesnt really care to watch smackdown just reads the spoilers so they dont have to watch it.

    THEN they wonder why no one watches it.
  7. A show where you have some boring matches and the rest of the time it's dedicated for RAW recaps and commercials... They may think they'll get good ratings with a show like this, but I'm not even interested in watching it live if I'm honest
  8. Well, it makes sense. A taped show where nothing interesting ever happens is bound to get bad ratings and putting Vickie there doesn't really help.
  9. Vickie isnt gonna solve Smackdown's ratings fail WWE need to do a complete overhaul of Smackdown and get it back to how it was in the old days
  10. Should move Smackdown back to Thursday and have it kill TNA
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