WWE NXT 26th September 2012

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  2. Thanks. :otunga:
  3. Liked. Thanks a ton man.
  4. No bother guys, it's almost done encoding.
    It's a lot faster than YouTube so should be done within minutes.
  5. Thanks man.
  6. Ugh this episode sucked. Worst NXT ep so far for me.
  7. I just got around to watching this and enjoyed it.

    I guess under Triple H, matches like Dallas/McHennig will be the new "big man matches" in the WWE, no more Big Daddy V vs Big Show. That's nice, but both these guys are so green. Seems like Michael is getting more Bully Ray in him, covering up for his in-ring struggles with trash talk and charisma. Great way to go with the guy.

    Love you Paige, but never say "NXT Universe" again.

    I hated Leo Kruger. I hated his snake, hated his stupid smile, hated his awful work, hated his boring theme, hated his dreadful promos, hated his broken tooth... But it seems like he's getting the Jinder Mahal treatment, where they tried letting him work a finesse, intellegent style and it sucked ass, now they're giving him a more serious gimmick and letting him come out and kick ass, and it's working pretty well... but I still hate his stupid smile.

    Fun to see Ryback vs 2LJ again, man is that guy over.

    Richie's going to be a pretty good mid-carder (if one exists) in WWE, if he can do away with his repetitive tendencies he should be a fine worker... but he shouldn't have gone over a guy who should be a main-eventer on this show. Not just that, but Richie dominated the match, would've preferred to see Kassius get more offense in, and he should have won. The feud will continue, which'll be fine as long as Ohno comes out looking like a total bastard.
  8. Is Chris Hero on this episode?
  9. Si.
  10. Yes MVP. Kassius Ohno was on this episode.
  11. Seriously fuck Richie. My little finger has more charisma.
  12. Agreed. He bores me to tears.
  13. Doesn't mean that much, you've got a pretty charismatic middle finger based on how impactful your "Fuck You"'s really are.o
  14. I am loving Ohno's character.
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