WWE NXT 7/25/13 First Womans Champ Crowned

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Star Lord, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. So fucking happy Paige is the first ever NXT women's champion she so deserves this over anyone else and she is representing my country England congrats Paige :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Too bad it already got fucking spoiled for me weeks ago.
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  3. I'm willing to bet i know who it is.

  4. This should get some nice replies :dawg:

    *watches thread*
  5. the only way this match is better, is if they only wrestled in their boots, and nothing else!
  6. Pretty good women's match. both women needs more character work but Emma is more entertaining due to the comedy elements she has.
  7. I can finalty change my sig to this now the match has aired and nobody is complaining about spoiling something. So happy for her I actually cried watching her win the title it must be so amazing for her to go from wrestling in small venues in England to being in the big league like WWE and winning the first ever NXT women's championship
  8. you actually cried?????

    you need a hobby!
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  9. Your sig is way too big. Please change to a smaller picture.
  10. Summer>Emma>Paige
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  11. Arent we also supposed to wait 24 hours for spoilers too?
  12. Lol no

    Paige >>> every diva in NXT and WWE
  13. AJ > Paige.
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  14. Are fucking kidding me Paige would destroy that midget in a second. Paige is in a league of her own
  15. Paige is barely taller and why would Paige destroy AJ? They would go out and perform a great match but AJ is a better wrestler.
  16. Screw you,I still haven't seen the match so thank you for continuing to ruin it for me.:downer:
  17. Thats why we wait 24 hours before god damn spoilers but noooooooo its BLFFL she has no definition for teh word spoiler!
  18. Paige is better she started wrestling at 13 years old, she wrestled in her family business and on the indys shes a second generation superstar. AJ has nothing on that and when Paige gets on Raw she is gonna kick that midget's ass all over the ring

    My god the results are all over the internet surely you must come across them so im not spoiling. Also why are you in this thread if you dont want to be spoiled?
  19. It doesnt matter what age you start bloody training at that doesnt make you any fucking better, Just because your parent was a great wrestler doesnt make you one. You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. Just go. Stop spoiling shit and go.
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