WWE NXT - 8/29/12 (HQ)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xt5ppx_bollyrulez-net-wwe-nxt-8-29-12-29th-august-2012-hq_sport?search_algo=1[/video]

    Here's NXT. Credits to Rainman!
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  2. Thanks for the share, I'll be sure to watch it.
  3. historical episode :burns:
  4. :yay: Holy crap, my hero!! I've been dying to see it. (Not literally, of course.) I'll have to watch it when I get home. Thanks, Crayo and Rain!
  5. In a massive moment of stupidity, I thought it was against site rules to just make a thread about it, haha.

    What an awesome episode. Seth Rollins is a fucking monster.
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  6. That main event might possibly be match of the week.
  7. lol. No worries, at least it got posted! I'm just glad I'll finally get to see it again.

    I was ecstatic when Rollins came out at the one house show I've been to. Hardly anyone knew who he was, and I hadn't expected it, but it was great. Loved seeing him in action, and of course he won the match.
  8. Cheers Crayo, 20 minute main event coming up? Nice.

    Punk/Lawler promo was incredible as well.
  9. Seriously stop thanking me, thank Rainman :emoji_wink:

    He PM's me weekly with these since Jonathan has stopped uploading them now. Anyway, the show itself is good and as always had good wrestling. It's just missing that drama for me now. I understand in the first few weeks it needs solid matches and tournaments and such to get off the ground, I'm hoping from here on out we see some actual promos and storylines, something missing on the other shows WWE produce. Everything else is spot on. Match quality, match quantity, the look and feel, it just looks great and it's fun to watch.
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  10. I'm not sure if I'll get interested in it enough to see it weekly these days, but I know there's a good possibility I will. So, here's my question -- will these be posted each week now? I hate that we can't watch it over here anymore.
  11. The Ascension and Usos are feuding now according to news from the latest tapings. as is Steamboat and Ohno and mcGillicutty and Rollins.

    Also at the next tapings Bray Wyatt is returning and it looks like he is bringing a stable. It is good time to get into NXT.
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  12. Yes. Now Rainman knows it's perfectly safe to post these, I'm guessing he will if that's okay with him. If not I'm willing to do it weekly, as is Stopspot I bet.

    Ascention are so awesome.

    Bray Wyatt is legitimately injured for 7 months I heard?
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  13. Thus a stable. He tweeted that he is returning on the September 20 tapings just today and he is "bringing my family"
  14. Totally agree, also wish Jinder Mahal would just go away. Besides his full nelson slam his moveset is dull as hell and really generic. I'm delighted that Rollins has the belt though, although I'm not a great fan of his look and character, he's awesome in the ring. Extremely athletic and well balanced, and unlike Jinder knows when to use certain moves and spots.

    Bray Wyatt and promos will have me so interested in this show, shame we don't get to see 15 minute Tyson Kidd matches every week now - still - at least he'll (hopefully) get a regular spot on Raw.
  15. Fair enough. He needs to be the leader, the main dawg of NXT with Rollins.

    Rollins' look is fantastic, and his heavy mettle gimmick could work epicly if it had an attitudinal side to it.
  16. Not my cup of tea personally. Maybe, if he had more about it then it could work better. If they made him more Emo/goth like and have it look like he could snap at any time. That's a pretty crap idea, but still, you get the jist. He just needs more than shaking his head about lots after winning a match.
  17. Nice; I'll definitely have to check it out each week now that I know I'll be able to access it here. It does sound like the ideal time to get into watching it regularly.
  18. I'll be back with all my uploads starting with iMPACT and SmackDown tomorrow.

    Been busy recently.
  19. Yeah, Rollins' gimmick could use some work, but I guess he connects to the fans OK with it. I just don't get the gimmick very well, is he a guy who likes Heavy Metal or something?

    I also don't like his finisher. Mahal almost forgot to sell it this week, but even when it connects I don't find it very nice. I prefer his Superkick. Those are my main gripes with Seth.
  20. Rollins gimmick is counter culture. He listens to what he wants to, walks to the beat of his own drum.
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