WWE NXT Episode 98 reviewed

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Sackfist, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I have a review here, which will review each episode of NXT, comment on it on what you think, I do enjoy hearing what others think of each episode.

    NXT episode 98 reviewed

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    I will update the title as well, so check this too.
  2. Don't personally watch NXT myself so can't critique the review, though it's good to see Regal returned to commentary :emoji_slight_smile:.
  3. I find it hard to watch, it's lost it's touch, although this week had a great standard of wrestling, until it was ruined by main event
  4. It was great on its first couple series. It served its purpose well, rookies with different personalities competing for that contract + the bonus prize of a match at a PPV with bla bla. But as soon as they went divas, it died. Could of done a tag-team version of NXT.
  5. Kaitlyn is the best thing from season 3, but yeah a tag team version would have been better, It seems that they have run out of FCW, OVW wrestlers to put on, this is why I believe it has become the new "heat" or "velocity"
  6. Not seen it, what's the "heat" or "velocity" thing about?
  7. They used to be like Superstars is today during the AE I think.
  8. Oh my bad, I thought he was referring to like NXT Stables, lmao.
  9. I never liked heat, that is why I loath NXT now, apart from Kaitlyn being on it, at least something good is on at some point through the show