WWE NXT: February 12th, 2020 - LIVE DISCUSSION

Kairi HoHo

The Go Home Show for NXT was good, not great in my opinion I do have questions leading into Takeover Portland. Can we all praise Roderick Strong for a moment please? Like for real this guy could go with anyone in the Ring and once again you saw it vs Reed. I've seen work from Reed outside of his WWE work and I was like okay he's solid, but I'm like you have already three big bois on the Roster there what makes him stand out from the Crowd? I just have a feeling Reed will be someone's Muscle when he comes up, but he had a good showing vs Strong as he's dealing with Dream being in his head before, and during the Match. Personally I rather of wanted to see Strong vs Dream at Takeover Portland, but hey we get it next Week!

The Broserweights Videos all night was so great to watch seeing Dunne and Riddle trying to get to Portland. Riddle having a Panic Attack when the Fuzz showed up and Dunne like why are you stressing out so hard bro. I'm waiting for the day Riddle helps Dunne smile for once, and then when they win the Tag Titles, they'll turn on each other because is that WWE does and we have a wonderful feud. Enjoy these moments now people. Kai vs LaRae was a good Match that made both ladies looked great. Kai has been showing more of that intensity and evil side so I was liking everything baby girl was doing out there. I'm pretty sure Kai wins at Takeover Portland with plenty of bruises and cuts to remember the rest of her life.

Gargano vs Grimes. This might of been the best thing for NXT this Week, alot of the Matches this Week were all good, but not great teasing us leading into the Weekend. Grimes has always had the talent to be somebody, but he leaves alot to be desired when it comes to his Character. Till he forgets that out I think he'll stay in this spot on NXT, but I imagine that might change after his Match with Gargano. The win didn't come easy for Gargano, but he showing to Balor you better bring your Lunch if you plan to beat him at Takeover. I'm kinda torn with what happened with Rush and Garza. Garza is on Raw and in a feud with Humberto, so you would imagine WWE would have keep winning, but he loses to Rush. Not to say Rush vs Devlin won't be the tits, just understand why have Garza taking L's even with good performances when you need the guy winning for him to keep that momentum he grabbed after his actions towards Mysterio and Humberto on Raw.

The Robert Stone Brand debuting again Chelsea as if another Match with her is going to change the who cares attitude with all of this from people. Poor Santana Garrett for getting that mugging from Bianca Belair. She's a former Stardom White Belt Champion which is like IWGP IC Title in their Promotion and now she's taking beatdowns from a talent who she has more experience than. I think she should come back to Japan or go to Impact, she deserves better. Bianca vs Rhea should be good at Takeover, but I'll give my thoughts on that further in the proper Thread.

Cole vs KUSHIDA was a fine Main Event even though the ending didn't have the sizzle it needed I feel. KUSHIDA has went from a guy I thought WWE was going to push hard, to a guy WWE doesn't know what to do with right now. They could of had the Time Splitters vs UE this Weekend, but KUSHIDA is off the Card, but he's directionless right now and I'm sadden to see this. Still Cole wins in a good bout and is ready for War vs Ciampa. Ciampa you believe what he says, let's see if Cole can back up how good he is this Weekend.

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