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    It's been week's after WWE presented the phenomenon that was WrestleMania 30. Happy with his accomplishments, weeks after, WWE CEO, Vincent Kennedy McMahon resigned as the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment. That left his daughter, Stephanie McMahon and his son-in-law, Paul Levesque(Triple H) to take over the reigns. NXT was Paul's "pet project" but is unable to fully control it as he has all of Mr. McMahon's responsibilities so he sought after a new General Manager/Booker for NXT. Triple H found a man named Ryan Davis. Davis has previous experience in helping run Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla as well as part of the TNA Creative team back in 2007-2009.

    Shortly after Davis took over the reigns of NXT, he announced that NXT will now broadcast LIVE every Thursday on the Network and will have monthly PPVs available exclusively on the Network.

    Adam Rose
    Adrian Neville
    Aiden English
    Bo Dallas
    CJ Parker
    Colin Cassady
    Enzo Amore
    Mojo Rawley
    Sami Zayn
    Solomon Crowe
    Tyler Breeze
    Tyson Kidd

    Ryan Davis announced at a recent creative meeting that he has fired many NXT Superstars because he will be hiring fresh, new talen to the roster in the coming months

    NXT Championship - Bo Dallas
    NXT Tag Team Championship - Vacant
    --- Title to be announced soon ---
  2. WWE Exclusive: Interview with NXT GM (open)

    It's only been a few days since WWE CEO, Triple H assigned Ryan Davis as the new General Manager of NXT, and we got to conduct an interview with him at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida.

    WWE.com: Hello, Ryan Davis. All of us at WWE would like to congratulate you on becoming the new General Manager of WWE NXT.

    Ryan Davis: Thank you very much. I look forward to doing big things down here and mold the future of not only WWE, but professional wrestling as a whole.

    WWE.com: Well, what exactly are you plans? You've only been in charge for a few days and we've already seen major changes.

    Ryan Davis: I think that the biggest thing on everyone's mind is that how much of the roster got cut. I did that for a reason. Sadly, not everyone has that "It" factor and are able to make an impact on the audience so I took a risk and let them go. Don't worry, the roster will soon be back to normal with new and fresh superstars.

    WWE.com: Are there any possibilities, when you recruit new superstars, for NXT to extend to 2 hours?

    Ryan Davis: No, I will be keeping NXT at 1 hour because the only matches that we will feature will be the ones that matter. Each match will have a meaning.

    WWE.com: Another change that we've seen is the cut in women on the roster.

    Ryan Davis: That wasn't a cut. Our wonderful divas will make a return to NXT after our first show.

    That was all Ryan Davis had time for but we will try to get frequent interviews with him as he runs NXT.

  3. Good luck man, looking forward to how NXT will be shaped from now on.
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