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  1. WWE have had a somewhat clean out today of talent that haven't been used in a while and as their fellow countryman would says, "I'm afraid I've got some Bad News"

    English Talents, Oliver Grey and Danny Burch, have both been released. While Welsh talent Mason Ryan (Known more for Nexus Pt II) has also been given the boot.

    Its also bad news for the Guerreros, as Shaul has been released also. Shaul was best known for being the daugther of Vickie and the Legendary Eddie Guerrero

  2. Mason Ryan was released? :awyeah::awyeah:
    Oliver and Danny I can't say much about because they obviously haven't even had the chance to show much, but firing Oliver right after his return is not ver nice lol.
  3. Could of sworn Shaul Guerrero rejoined them a few months ago?
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  4. Ryan, I can Understand....He won't do anything else in the WWE unless it's a Body Guard or Enforcer Role....He'll be going to the UK Indies.

    As for Grey, Should of Given him time....He recently returned from Injury, Give him a Chance. Burch is meh but hey, I'll be happy to go see him as Martin Stone on the Indy Scene.

    Also, Shaul returned a few months ago, They suddenly decided to Fire her? Bad Move, Could of missed out on a good talent (They're too concerned for Total Divas....)

    JTG is still Employed....and he does nothing.....Okay, Either they have a Giant Push on the way for JTG or he's just there because WWE feel sorry for him....His career was over when Cryme Tyme ended.
  5. JTG's last match was in September I think and he jobbed to Santino, why Grey who just came back from Injury when JTG has nothing going.
  6. The Obviously Favor the Jobber who'll end up being the Brooklyn Brawler 2.0.....Even though the original will have more respect then him.
  7. shut the doors vince
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  8. This is a fucking joke seriously why are WWE releasing NXT wrestlers? they should be clearing out the main roster wrestlers like JTG for example this guy doesnt even wrestle on tv anymore or do house shows yet hes still getting paid after all this time in the company WTF that is so fucked up
  9. WWE really dropped the ball on my fellow Brit Mason Ryan. My man could have dominated the scene with his huge muscles and charisma. Shut the doors my man Vince its over.

    Yeah I have nothing to contribute bar Ryan is the biggest waste of a roster spot over the past few years everyone else had something even Khali. This guy was just there.
  10. Vince releasing all these Brits #RacistVince #BarrettsNext

    In serious: Sucks to be them, Ryan seems to have done more good as a strength coach in NXT than as an in ring talent.
    He'll be in TNA in 90 days most likely.
  11. Ryan vs EY? Go Dixie Go.
  12. Massive Welsh tag team with Rob Terry. All them money and killer promos.
  13. Wales draws?

    Who knew?

  14. Shaul was employed?
  15. She only wrestled 2 matches in NXT... one in 2012.. was released not long after that and then she was resigned, another match in Dec '13.. was released after that.. resigned a couple months ago and now released again lol
  16. My jaw dropped when i read that Raquel got released.
  17. I just made a joke in another thread about whether Mason Ryan was still employed or not, and then they give him the boot lol. I'm surprised it took them this long.

    No idea who Oliver Grey and Danny Burch are, but if they were vanilla midgets with no charisma, then good riddance. Could probably be successful in Ring Of Honor. The Guerrero daughter is just a Diva, so no big loss there either. She wasn't all that bad to look at judging from a quick Google search, though. Raquel Diaz was also a pretty cool name for a Diva, but eh.
  18. Congratulations to Mason Ryan for making it 4+ years in WWE. That's more shocking than JTG somehow still being there.
  19. Lol Ryan released the week after he appears on NXT. Thats quality timing by the WWE.