WWE NXT: Season 6, Episode 5-FLASH- HQ--(WEBXtv)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Webx, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. Really nice video quality. +1
  2. Thanks!
  3. Not allowed. Please stop.
  5. What he said. These uploads are no different then your Youtube or DM uploads Jonathan. The dude has clearly done his research since his site even states the legal state of itself.
  6. Awesome :jericho:
  7. It's a streaming link, which aren't allowed.


    Like the people that claim videos of them hacking is for informative use. :dawg:

    Anyone can write it's not illegal. Are you a lawyer?


    It's also promoting his own forum....
  8. And the sixteen year old with a frail internet ego obviously is. :dawg:
  9. Not a stream it's a replay, it's just an upload the exact same as yours also look at what site he's advertising on it. The OP is a great guy.

  10. Didn't go on the site, I guess if Crayo approves then w/e.

    Just saying, be careful, already got once DMCA and then a site saying it's with this one that hosts copyrighted material?

    Be careful. :finger:
  11. Sigh, so we couldn't get in shit for any upload? After all your youtube is affiliated with this site. We'd stop all uploads if that was the case.
  12. No it's not. :lol1:
  13. So you don't advertise the site in your descriptions, in the same way he does? It was the YouTube uploads that got us the notice, Hoss' thread to be precise when he was uploading WWE PPVs. That's why it was removed.
  14. Advertising and affiliation are completely different Thomas.

    Advertising = promoting something.
    Affiliation = when both sites benefit from a partnership. What does YouTube benefit from me putting the site link in description? Nothing.
  15. How does his site benefit? How will being associated with this site increase his viewership or revenue for instance, in any differing way than you posting your videos here?
  16. You're completely losing track of things.
  17. Hardly, you've made the claim now show me how.
  18. Ok For one im not advertizing my main site. i have to put my flash player somewhere do i make pages if i could post html here i would put the player right on the post its nothing to do with site views are anything. i just wanna help out and upload and ive delt with wwe before and won aslong as i have the disclamier they cant to anything as they dont even suppose to view my site. as part of the internet privacy act set by bill Clinton.
  19. Mate, you're doing a great job tbh. All uploads from every member are really appreciated.
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