WWE Officials Consider Bringing Back Nexus

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Lacky, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. Probably made the rumour up on the spot, I'm not sure what do you think?
  2. they should the nexus was awesome
  3. God no. It made sense at the time, now it would just be retarded and a total waste of Barrett.
  4. I agree, I like Nexus but it would be stupid now.
  5. Not Nexus, but I think he can make another stable that's better. Ones with the midcarders that aren't getting enough credit, JTG and others can work off of this. It would be pretty cool and interesting, and will make use of all the superstars they aren't using.
  6. There'd be no reason if they did that and therefore it'd suck. I'm quite sure the storylines would be dull, and there's a reason people reacted to it the first time... it was fresh. That's the problem, instead of trying to get ideas for the future and building stars they're thinking of doing a stable they just did 2 years ago again to get some quick merch bucks and quick impact (on the night they debut the stable, because it'll get stale quickly). So no, it wouldn't be a good thing.
  7. I like this idea superstars like TJG, Mahal, and others.
  8. Show Spoiler
    Looks like something along those lines started on SD
  9. ryback and snitsky vs Danil bryan and kane
  10. This would be typical WWE. Have something great in 2010, drop the ball completely, and then try to rehash it 2 years later and ultimately wind up failing.

    yup, I can see this happening.
  11. We'll probably see the nWo coming back as well. :dawg:
  12. This whole dirt sheet report is based on a WWE.COM article. The same site that publishes articles like "Has John Cena seriously embraced the hate?" and countless other moronic articles that serve no purpose at all. WWE publish countless articles like that.

    Also, if they were really going to bring back a dominant HEEL stable, would fans CHANTING for it really influence them? What, you think Nexus are going to return as a group of happy-go-lucky faces? It makes zero sense, it would be horrible if they did this and they won't.
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