WWE Officials Happy With Tag Team Division

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lacky, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Sauce
  2. So is HHH still thinking about brining in Beer Money, Team 3D and Guns? Lol.
  3. I'm still not on board. We all know Kane/Bryan won't last (the best you can all hope for is a few more months as tag champs and then a feud between the two that they can maybe drag out until Mania.. you would all be sick of this shit by then though, trust me). Rhodes/Sandow are both too talented to be thrown into a rando tag team. Sin Cara is a botch machine and Rey will be injured again soon enough. All of these teams still seem like random two guys thrown together to me.

    If HHH had the brains to put the KOW back together I would jump on the bandwagon
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  4. I don't think that's impossible either, did they not team up in an NXT dark match recently?
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  5. Yeah they did.
  6. Oh, damn, an NXT dark match? Well by god it seems inevitable now that they will be the spark to put the tag division back on the map with that sort of exposure
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  7. I should have seen this response coming -_-
  8. It was a dig at WWE, not you. Thank you for the info. I just find it hilarious that WWE can be smart enough to realize these two should be working together (even in the limited capacity of a pointless dark match on a C rate show) but not smart enough to pair them full time and let them dominate the tag division. It's a sort of paradox that makes me just smh and say lol WWE
  9. Thing is, KOW vs Team Hell No would be a fantastic feud.
  10. The tag team division is pathetic at best. They are no more real tag teams out there. It's just superstars put together to form a tag team. What happend to the days of the Rockers, Hart Foundation, Power and Glory, Money Incorporated, and Demolition. True, some of these teams were made in just that way, but they made sense. Now you have Kane/Bryan. What in the name of Messiah Jannetty is that all about. They also frequently put a heel and face together. Yea that works on occasion but they have beaten that idea to death in rescent years.
  11. I totally agree. God knows why they couldn't have had it on their show as it would have been an awesome watch. (Apart from the constant 'omg rollins is so like punk'.
  12. It's better than it was a few months ago, so that's a good thing. KOW would be awesome to watch though.
  13. It would be better if they didn't put competitors who are better in singles, in tag teams. Like Sandow and Rhodes. I'm a fan of them both, but not as a team, they don't fit at all imo.
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