News WWE Officials Reportedly Discuss Perro Aguayo Jr. Tragedy, Rumor On RAW Being Dedicated Tonight

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Mar 23, 2015.

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  2. So, management is still unclear about how they will book the final RAW before Wrestlemania?
    Typical company. If they want to open the show with a graphic or ring bell, they can do so.
    I find it ridiculous that this company can't be firm with a booking decision that is so glaringly obvious.
    Perro Jr never worked for WWE yet they'd dedicate an entire show to somebody the casual knows absolutely nothing about. FAIL.

    An other week, maybe, but the go home RAW before Wrestlemania should be booked and set in stone.
    This tells me they have no clue who they are anymore. It was tragic and should be noted as such, but WWE has their own business to attend to.
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  3. Paul E is still right a decade later.
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  4. WWE really has no business bringing it up, they normally wouldn't if RM Jr. was not there.
    Management is honestly lost, things would be so much better if Triple H was boss.
  5. Note that this came from MetsFan4Ever, so take this with a huge grain of salt.
  6. Why? 99% of your audience has never heard of him, WWE. Talk about a waste. I could see like a RIP graphic as you cut to break or something, but anything more is goofy IMO. Not to sound insensitive, but it is out of place. Unless they are like "see, this is how badass WWE wrestlers are. Rey Mysterio, washed up midget from our company, KILLED a man from another shittier company. Goddamn WWE is badass!"
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  7. I'm betting it was Dunn who said it was a good idea, while vince and HHH could give a shit.
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  8. You're probably right. I mean, mentioning it at all just doesn't seem logical. Who tf knows this guy?
  9. Typical WWE. Putting more emphasis on things that are completely inapplicable to them and trying to make themselves look better rather than focus more on making the go home show for WrestleMania deliver
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  10. All they need to do is stick a RIP graphic at the start of the show and then go ahead with the actual show. How do they not realise that this would be enough of a good gesture?

    But this rumour smells like crap anyways, why they would abandon their storylines is beyond me, especially when the main event has had 0 build.
  11. It's not like this rumor has been set in stone or anything, considering it came from MetsFan, so take it with a (huge) grain of salt.

    But if they were to do something like this for real, then doing a RIP graphic at the beginning of the show would be more likely to happen than the entire show being dedicated to Del Perro.
  12. Dedicating one of the most important Raw's of the year to a guy whom 99.9% of people watching have never even heard of or seen wrestle before? Yeah, that sounds judicious. I think putting a simple RIP remembrance at the beginning of the show and maybe having the commentators mention it a couple of times throughout the rest of the night would be respectful enough.

    It said only one of the three officials was in favor of it while the other two weren't. :pity2: Provided there's any truth to this rumor at all, I'd bet anything that Triple H was the lone voice in that room as far as dedicating an entire show to him goes, while McMahon and Dunn seem like exactly the kind of guys who couldn't care less to go that far out for a guy who never contributed to their company in any way (and this is one of those rarities in which I'd agree with their viewpoint.)
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  13. Yeah, and it's a more probable option than dedicating the entire show to Del Perro.
  14. I don't think they would have done this anyway.
  15. I guess we'll find out tonight.
  16. I've always been in favor of dedicating a show to a dead wrestler, contracted or not. It seems like the right thing to do. I mean don't do a 10 Bell Salute and wrestler tribute episode but a graphic would be nice. They gave a shit when a wrestler in a dying British wrestling market died, but won't when one of the biggest draws and international wrestling stars in Mexico dies? I'm 100% every bodies favorite producer Kevin "The Living Legend" Dunn was 100% for the idea.

    For the record, I would be fine even if they mentioned it on their website.
  17. "The report stated that there was strong talk between WWE producer Kevin Dunn, Triple Hand Vince McMahon. Apparently one of those three officials were in heavy favor of dedicating RAW to Perro but the other two were not. It was not specified which official was in favor of the dedication."
    This sounds completely made up, but if the situation were true... wow, no idea who took which side. :dawg:
    But yes, I do think that doing anything more than just a quick graphic as they have done for some guys in the past would be too much given he's never worked there.
  18. With the general WWE universe not really having any idea who the guy was I can't see them using time on the final build up to Wrestlemania on that, it just doesn't make sense to me.. If they do decide to air some sort of tribute or something along those lines than so be it.
  19. Well, nothing's come out of this. I knew it, typical MetsFan BS.
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