WWE Officials think Michael Coles commentary is putting people off of the show

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by leojay, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Noo, really? I never would've thought of that. Because hating on all the stars they're building up is a GREAT idea, right?

    He's a heel commentator, but he takes it way too far imo. He doesn't even commentate. He calls moves wrong, he tells the wrong history, and he's just a dumb ass.

    He'd work GREAT as a manager, why the hell is he not one?

    Your guys thoughts on this? D:
  2. My thoughts is that Cole is a good heel commentator, but does take it too far. But he has NO ONE there as a face to come up against. King is so bad at commentary, he needs to retire. Cole + Stanford or even Matthews. Matthews and Cole work so well with eachother, Matthews can compete with Cole. Cole can not be the play-by-play commentator if he's a heel, but King is so bad as a face commentator he has to do it.

    I say get rid of king, bring in Stanford or Matthews and make them play-by-play, and instantly commenting on RAW is good again.
  3. Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Jim Ross were the best commentators.
  4. Back in the day yeah, they were brilliant. King is unbearable now, he's lost passion for the business :emoji_slight_frown:.
  5. King and JR are past their prime. Matthews and Cole should do the job for raw. Booker and someone else for Smackdown.
  6. Booker, Stanford and Striker for Smackdown!!
  7. I still think Cole as a manager for a heel would be fantastic. He'd get the guy the same heat Vickie gets Ziggler and Swagger (not to the same extent, though).

    I like the idea of Stanford, as he's great on Superstars. Don't know about Matthews, though.

    I'd actually like Regal to commentate. He has an excellent commentating voice, knows his moves, history and is very intelligent. From the few NXT shows I've watched, he's been great at commentating. Now, if only the show wasn't so rundown and bullshit.
  8. I think Regal has something bigger planned judging by recent Twitter comments. I love him on commentary too though, he's a perfect tweener. Matthews isn't the best commentator in the world but he can control Cole and compete with him, and he's good play-by-play.

    Cole would be a great manager though, I hope they do put him in that role for the future with an up-and-coming star.
  9. They think? Well it took them long enough. :nod:
  10. Cole is a good heel but a heel can't lead commentary get Stanford on as the third man.
  11. Then get rid of king!
  12. It about time! Cole should just turn back into a face commentary he was GREAT AT! B/c he was himself! He was a nomral guy just commentary and when he did that he was a GREAT COMMENTARY! Ever since he turn heel he been nothing back PAIN IN THE ASS! B/c he being someone or is trying to be someone he NOT! Which is why his commentary hossiable now! Watch so old match 5 years ago when he was SmackDown as a Face Commentary and u will see he was GREAT commentary when he was a face!

    HELL NO! But Turn King back unitl to a HEEL! Would be great!
  13. No way, King is terrible in every aspect.
  14. Yeah King is stale like Cena's character.
  15. The only thing Cole has ever been good at is being JBL's bitch on Smackdown.

  16. Lawler is only good if he's with J.R. Boy do I miss that.
  17. Not really, JR came back last year and both of them were lack-luster, especially King. He's just lost his passion, he's admitted it in interviews. He'd much rather get in the ring - when he does that I want to gouge my eyes out.
  18. I would love to see the interview where he mentions him loosing passion for the WWE.
    Get rid of Cole, make JR heel, get a face in there.
  19. They really need to do something to shake up their commentary team. I wanna see the next big, entertaining commentary duo. Someone as good as Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura/Bobby Heenan or as good as JR and King used to be.
  20. King - I still enjoy performing in the ring as much as I ever did. I didn't get into this business to be a commentator; I don't even really enjoy being a commentator. I just happen to be able to do it where people can stand to listen to me.


    Why make JR a heel also? Have you seen the previous attempt?