News WWE Officials Very High On NXT Star Due To His Look

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 23, 2015.

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  2. Generic looking ugly mothefucker that Vince squirts to.
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  3. Does he have charisma, personality, mic skills and/or can he do great things that sets him apart from other guys his size? Or can he at least develop any or all of these things within time? If not, fuck him and his 'look.'
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  4. This isn't even a good look lol. He looks like a boring asshole who lifts too many weights. Maybe if he were 7 feet tall or something, but 6'3? gtfo. 6'3 ain't shit. You gotta bring a lot more to the table than some shitty muscles if you are only 6'3

    That European wrestler they recently signed has much more of "the look" than this generic looking asshat

  5. Yeah, Radomir is a fucking beast!
  6. Doesn't look THAT imprssive (the op one).
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  7. Ugly.
    Better looking than Ryback, but that's not saying much.
  8. That looks like the head crushing guy from GoT lol

    Radomir kind of looks like ADR in that pic above. In the face anyway.
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  9. The Mountain? lol

    Never thought of it till you brought it up, good point!

    And yeah, Radomir does kinda remind me of ADR.
  10. No thanks.
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  11. It's 1986. He can't wrestle, but he looks huge!!!!

    It's 2015. He can't wrestle, but he looks....well....bigger than average!!!!!!

    The more things change......

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  12. His pictures with the beard make him look like a straight neanderthal.
  13. "Little in ring ability" Vince probably loves it
  14. Replace the "on" with a comma and "interested in". Then thread title will be fixed.
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  15. Typical Vince McMahon, it shouldn't be "WWE Officals" it should be "Vince McMahon"
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  16. :booker2:
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