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    WWE has been slowly rising to the top over the past several years. Technology has advanced to keep people in tip top shape. The Pro Wrestling machine just makes Superstars like they are nothing. But WWE keeps what it needs in them to be a great business. True Superstars. Not "Adam Adams" and etc. Over the past year they caused their rival company to go bankrupt. TNA is done. But, WWE bought TNA and has the rights to use whatever they want. Just like WCW. So WWE is now one of the most filthy rich corporations in the GALAXY! WWE had a rough start with their "New Beginning" but now they are "On The Rise"
    WWE Corporate
    Vince McMahon
    Stephanie McMahon
    Triple H - COO
    Trevor Babcock - Genius
    Jwab Atom - Mastermind
    Andrew Evans - Master of Space & Time
    Dixie Carter
    Hulk Hogan
    Paul Heyman - Head of Creative
    Jeff Jarrett
    Bruce Prichard - Writer
    Danny Davis - Creative
    Brooke Hogan - Diva's Division Creative
    Raw - Mondays - USA
    NXT - Tuesdays - Spike
    Main Event - Wednesdays - ION
    WWE Superstars - Thursdays - WGN
    Smackdown - Fridays - Syfy
    Saturday Morning Slam - Saturdays - CW for Kids
    WWE Pre-Show - Sundays before PPVs - Youtube
    Money In The Bank - 7/14/2013
    Summerslam - 8/18/2013
    Night Of Champions - 9/15/2013
    Over The Limit - 10/6/2013
    Olympus - 10/27/2013
    Survivor Series - 11/24/2013
    TLC - 12/15/2013
    Monday Night Raw
    Management & Other Personnel
    General Manager: John Laurinaitis
    Assistant Manager: Vickie Guerrero
    Commentator: Jerry "The King" Lawler
    Commentator: Michael Cole
    Commentator: Mike Tenay
    Interviewer: Jeremy Borash
    Interviewer: Justin Roberts
    Announcer: Lilian Garcia
    Friday Night Smackdown
    Management & Other Personnel
    General Manager: Teddy Long
    Assistant Manager: Eric Bischoff
    Commentator: Josh Mathews
    Commentator: JBL
    Commentator: Taz
    Interviewer: Matt Striker
    Interviewer: SoCal Val
    Announcer: Christy Hemme
    Management & Other Personnel
    General Manager: Dusty Rhodes
    Assistant Manager: Jonathan Coachman
    Commentator: William Reagal
    Commentator: Jim Ross
    Commentator: Joey Styles
    Interviewer: Byron Saxton
    Interviewer: Renee Young
    Announcer: Tony Chimel
    Free Agents
    Management & Other Personnel
    This is pretty much a reboot of WWE. WWE:ANB is no more. WWE:OTR is the future. I wanted to restart it via the downtime of the site. It will feature wrestlers from about anywhere.
    It starts the night after Money In The Bank. Yes, There will be 2 Briefcase holders.
    The rosters and shit will go up when I type them. We are configuring the rosters at the moment.
    1. What would you like to see?
    2. Who needs to be a Raw superstar?
    3. Who needs to be a Smackdown superstar?
    4. Would you like to see a 3rd brand in the future?
    We are looking for writers. If you are a writer then you are also a Creative Consultant along with us. Join us!​
    Anyone who could do GFX, You should help us with like Icons and shit!​

  2. 1. What would you like to see? Jerry Lawler fired, Mike Tenay fired, Taz fired, Teddy Long fired.
    2. Who needs to be a Raw superstar? Wyatt.
    3. Who needs to be a Smackdown superstar? Ohno.
    4. Would you like to see a 3rd brand in the future? Maybe.
  3. LOL, They are just in there to be there. I don't think I'll use Jerry Lawler, Mike Tenay, or Taz in a storyline.....maybe Taz. Maybe Jerry Lawler lol
  4. Haha, I just hate all of those characters in real life :emoji_slight_frown:.
  5. 1. What would you like to see? Hemme out. I dislike her tbh.
    2. Who needs to be a Raw superstar? Wyatt
    3. Who needs to be a Smackdown superstar? Bo
    4. Would you like to see a 3rd brand in the future? Yeah, of course.
  6. I can do GFX and writing.
  7. For any of you that still care for this. I will be updating the thread later for some of the roster. First show is the day after the MITB.
  8. Us writers have decided that are big storylines rely in WWe;ANB so we are going back to that.
    So feel free to delete this thread.

    My only priorities in the BTB section are JCF & WWE:ANB
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