News WWE Passes On Offering Briscoes A Deal

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Josh..., Apr 14, 2015.

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  1. As noted earlier, The Briscoes are expected to stay with ROH. Triple H passed on offering them a deal after becoming aware of the homophobic slurs they had made on social media in the past. WWE Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Cemen had been the one communicating with the Briscoes, and recommended that WWE pass on them.

    Ring of Honor recently made an offer to the Briscoes that included more money. Word is that the new offer is a two year deal. I also heard that at one point there was talk of the offer including a deal to have Jay Briscoe taking the reigns as booker, although I'm not sure if the final contract has the booker provision or if Jay is even interested in it. A similar deal had also been pitched to Adam Cole, who also has a contract expiring. It should be noted that current ROH booker Hunter Johnston (Delirious) has indicated that he is not going anywhere.

  2. Briscoes played the WWE at their own game.

    Negotiator Chicken B negotiating
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  3. Aww :emoji_slight_frown:.. Oh well good to see they'll be keeping up their stuff in ROH I suppose, 2 yrs is a decently long time I hope ROH uses that time wisely with the Briscoes.
  4. Who needs em? WWE tag division is stacked with established teams.
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    "We got 48 chickens to pick up!"
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  6. Good to hear Dem Boys are staying with ROH!
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  8. Awww :emoji_slight_frown: well at least they are still on ROH
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