WWE Personnel "furious" at Kobe Bryant joke

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 31, 2012.

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  2. Ugh. Gotta love modern-day society. #Curmudgeon

    It was funny!
  3. OMG! that such inappropriate thing to say!
  4. I really hope they don't fire him, I loled like hell at the time, he's such a boss.

    Still, WWE is obsessed with their image these days and they probably will - shame as it could kill PTP momentum.
  5. Tbh it was frigging hilarious, if he gets sacked for that, it's ridiculous, far worse things have been said by bigger stars and nothing happened to them.
  6. "A WWE spokesperson told TMZ that the company has taken "appropriate action in the matter" regarding A.W.'s rape joke regarding Kobe Bryant on Monday's Raw. TMZ quotes sources as stating that A.W. immediately apologized to WWE officials, members of the McMahon family, and several wrestlers. You can read the story at TMZ.com/2012/07/30/wwe-apology-kobe-bryant-rape-joke/."

    -ProWrestling.Net (with obvious legitimate sources). Posting because he's not fired.
  7. I wonder which of the wrestlers were angered over his comment? Hopefully his numerous apologies will be the end of the matter and they'll continue like usual.
  8. Thats what I call banter! LEGEND!
  9. None of the wrestlers were offended I'm sure, just the PC police in their luxury suites with their million dollar suits.

    I didn't think it was funny, but it wasn't really offensive. Kobe was innocent anyway, he didn't rape that dumb chick with the 9 dudes jizz in her panties.
  10. AW should be fired has he any idea what has happened recently with that sicko shooting dead innocent people in a cinema in Colorado my god that guy is thick
  11. wut
  12. AW Should make a joke about how Kelly Kelly is a slut, I'd high five him for that.
  13. Oh, so that's what the joke was about? Now I get it. :lol1:

    I hope he's not fired or the PTP get de-pushed because of that or anything.
  14. Considering how high HHH and Vince have been on AW all along, I have a feeling (since this is his first on-air screw-up) that the apologies will be the end of it. He may have to film an on-air apology of some sort or at least appear before the Board of Directors, but I don't think they fire a guy that's been a positive for them so far over something that, in the end, is this minor.

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  16. he gonna get fired!
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