News WWE Planning A New 'Redneck' Stable?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Not a whole lot of information to go on, but my gut tells me this has "crappy gimmick rehash from the 80's/90's" written on it.
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  2. Maybe a gimmick for the babyface Wyatt Family. LOL
  3. Won't have nothing on the greatness of the Briscoes but, eh. It's not like this would be that terrible to watch given the situation of the midcard.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised to see both him and Harper as a part of this rumored stable.
  5. Damn I hope that's not a step back for Harper. He's a bad ass.
  6. He is, bro. He has all the tools to be built as a vicious monster, it's just up to the booking at this point.

    But yeah, if this stable is actually gonna be a thing, then it had better not be a joke.
  7. "Redneck Stable" concerns me. The name is so hokey. I imagine it has nothing to do with Harper at all. It doesn't make sense to put him in some cheesy comedy BS when he's so over as a monster. I want to see Harper and Ziggler kick each other's ass for a few months.
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  8. Dafuq? Who would be involved? Slater is very much a possibility.. wouldn't be shocked to see Bull Dempsey get repackaged (pending he does get called up).
  9. lol poor Bull and Corbin got exposed out there last week.
  10. Slater may as well be there, but I couldn't care less about Bull(shit) Dempsey... Speaking of the lone wolf, Corbin's got nothing but a cool finisher.
  11. Corbin has more than that, he does have that "dude who could kick a man's ass" vibe . But sure he's not exactly a technical dynamo
  12. Finally WWE must have a deal in place to sign Dem Boys
  13. Dem Briscoe Boys?
  14. si si
  15. I'd mark.. hard!
  16. WWE have trademarked many things in the past and they've never really done anything with them...

    I think this is going to be just like those, a Trademark that does and means nothing. No New Stable, just a UnUsed Trademark.
  17. @Shadow finally something you can relate to
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