WWE planning 'edgier' storylines?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 18, 2014.

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  1. Interesting story. Points out that the WWE Network could be used for racier segments (Rosa's butt exposed briefly on Main Event I guess). Apparently there are also rumors of the AJ/Paige feud getting some sexual tension type undertones. That should get the male crowd interested.


    Its pretty long I know - sorry
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  2. Rosa's Butt (open)

    Lol if they really are planning on doing more of what they're saying than it should draw a nice interest to the network, I mean adult language and situations are all in good fun. If we can't see them on RAW or Smackdown then why not get the Network to see it when it comes to Main Event.
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  3. Edgier doesn't actually mean that the content will get any better.

    Having AJ and Paige get steamier might cause some boners, but it's not going to help the division look any better. I struggle to care even slightly as it is.
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  4. cool. lesbian stuff. yay.
  5. Attitude era back for sure
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  6. I predicted that it would be the Divas Division receiving the risque angles. So much more can be done with women as opposed to men.
    They are low enough on the card to not lose cred by being bi-sexual.
    McMahon will be more apt to 'ok' angles involving women doing or saying sexual things to one another.

    That said, the article was informative. WWE is publicly traded and the paper work prevents better promos and violence that is key in putting over story arcs.
  7. Wooo, more family-friendly product... Yay, we love PG!

    No, seriously, fuck that shit!

    Oh and btw, if by the 'edgier' storylines they mean stuff like The Bella Twins they've got going on right now... Thanks, but no thanks.
  8. Well, the AJ/Paige deal is already hinting at it a tiny bit. But again, don't really think edgier content will necessarily lead to success. Don't think it'll hurt, though
  9. now if only Brie will end up ripping Nikkis top off in mid match, then we'd really be getting somewhere.
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  10. Then everybody would subscribe to the Network for only 9.99
    And of course, it wouldn't hurt seeing Nikki's tits more frequently
  11. Woah, is John Cena gonna say ass again? #Edgy
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  12. You mean seeing silicone?
  13. butchya don't see the actual silicon fortunately.
  14. Don't care, real > silicone anyday.
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  15. Whatevs, bro. Tits are tits
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  16. Nope.
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    No, a bad ratio is a bad ratio. Having a large rack and small a** ratio is beyond disgusting
    A natural body always has a balanced a** to rack ratio. The rack should never exceed the a** measurement.

    This is why I prefer Brie over Nikki. Lita was the only chick who could pull off implants. Her bust never exceeded the a**.
  18. inb4RybackandCurtisAxelbecomegaylovers.

    In all seriousness, it's sad that "minor" adult language and girls kissing one another is what passes as "edgy" in this day and age. And while hearing that they're going the edgier route is pleasing, I won't be getting too excited just yet until I see what kind of content they actually churn out. If it's terrible angles like Al Wilson and Katie Vick, then fuck it.

    I also question how far they can really go before they realize that having to continuously apologize to their butt-hurt sponsors just isn't worth the trouble anymore. GLAAD demanded an apology from WWE two years ago just because Cena questioned Rock's manhood during their WM28 build. Lana made one brief mention of the Malaysian flight incident and WWE were forced to ignore that what she said was in any way referencing the tragedy (which was an obvious lie on their part.)
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    This is why I prefer Brie as more of a girl you'd be in a relationship with, and Nikki as more of a casual sex type.
    But, whatevs, moving on... This thread's already been derailed, as soon as we mentioned the Bellas. lol
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