News WWE planning Women's Tournament

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Botchie, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. This is very interesting and great opportunity for Female wrestlers. I'm very unfimiliar with the Women's indie scene, Taeler Hendrix being the only name I know, so it'll be a great way to introduce these talents to a main stream audience like they did with the CWC. Overall I can't wait to see this come to fruition, if it's anywhere near as good as the CWC I'm down.

    So how do you feel about the WWE Women's Classic?
  2. I would really like for this to happen.

    There are a ton of talented women out there and an opportunity to showcase them would be awesome.
  3. I'd be down for it.
  4. That would be fucking awesome I totally support the women's division #Women's Revolution
  5. Unless they get any of the Stardom/Sendai/OZ-Academy joshi girls in this is going to blow massive chunks. The Us indie scene has been almost picked clean of the freelance top womens workers. And there are not that many good freelance lucha women either right now.

    And getting any of the top joshi girls will be a nightmare. Since negotating/working with joshi politicks is like walking on a minefield.
  6. Honestly, I think the best women already belong somewhere. And this is no offense to the women in WWE, but a good % of them aren't even that good. They either need mic work, ring work, or both.
    I still think they do have some of the best women wrestlers out there though. Just as Stop said, there ain't much left out there in women's wrestling.
  7. Yup. All the really good women who aren't already in the WWE are locked up elsewhere for the most part. Majority of the girls available as of this writing are either too green, too old or needs work on something.

    It will be hard pressed to get anywhere close to the quality of the CWC, which in itself was a perfect storm of quality talent being available at the same time. Next years CWC will be nowhere near as good as this one.
  8. yup. SHIMMER alone has a loaded roster. Cheerleader Melissa, Kimber Bombs, Madison Eagles, Lufisto,
    AKINO, Heidi Lovelace, Vanessa Kraven, Melanie Cruise, just to name a few. Ayako Hamada would also
    kick ass as well as Hikaru Shida, Manami Toyota, Aja Kong,
  9. I saw an article just now on 32 women who should be in the tournament. two other women I came up with are
    the Crush Girls
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