WWE Plans Scrapped?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Nov 30, 2015.

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  1. These are just rumors of course but if they are true, could this be for the best?

    WWE has had to deal with a number of serious injuries to main event level talent over the past couple of months, and it’s seriously caused a bit of a panic-mode. By now, a lot of ideas and matches are down and confirmed internally for WrestleMania, but the injuries have caused problems. Now, word is that all tentative plans and matches for WrestleMania 32 have been scrapped and they are starting over.

    WWE Rumors: Company Starting From Scratch — All Plans For ‘WrestleMania 32’ Scrapped

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  2. I think this is a false rumor. Most sources point to the only set in stone mania plan in existence being Roman in the main event. And that one is still go.

    Before Rollins went out injured there wasn't even a plan for him at mania. The guy who had an 8 month title run and another year main eventing in his resume did not have a plan for mania outside of "you're working it". Vince has one plan for this show, and that is to make Roman become "the man" through hell or high water.
  3. Yeah, Vince having one goal in mind and that being 'make Roman the man' is 100% correct. The other guy he cares about is Cena, obviously, and I believe he has something planned for him (perhaps a match against Taker). Good luck to the rest of the main roster.
  4. Not that I don't agree with Stopsspot's point above regarding the plan for Reigns (it's so damn obvious anyway), I wouldn't completely call these rumours false.

    Fact is, you have some main players like DB and Orton out with no solid evidence as to when they are coming back (and with chances of them ready for Mania slim to none), same for Cesaro (yeah, unlike WWE, I consider him a main player and very mistreated) and of course there's Rollins whom however should be fit in time. So yeah, perhaps some plans that the WWE may have had for Mania probably won't be able to happen and to take it a step further, this isn't just fuc*kin Wrestlemania but one that they are aiming for a record crowd of over 100.000.

    In order to achieve such a sellout, you really have to give the fans something to be looking forward to so with all the above noted, what's really left in the current roster?

    We know for a fact that Cena will be returning soon enough so there's that and it remains to be seen how they decide to utilize him. If I were to make a guess, should the Undertaker decide that Mania 32 is the time and place to retire, then Cena vs Undertaker makes a lot of sense. I mean, looking at the current roster, is there any other guy that could have that honor?

    Other then that, I guess we should have a look at which fellas could make some kind of return that could make some noise and create some pop for all of us fans. Dare I say a Batista return? Goldberg perhaps? Maybe HBK for just one night, even though he doesn't seem to be considering it as an option? And then there's Kurt Angle (yeah, still dreaming about this one even as far as a feud with ADR which I think would be a lot fun and interesting both in and outside the ring), Jeff Hardy and perhaps the Rock, if there indeed is a plan for a Rock vs HHH match.

    I am also curious to see how they decide to book Bray Wyatt. As far as the main event, the more I think about it, the more Lesnar vs Reings stands out so I guess that's my early prediction as for as the Royal Rumble Winner is concerned.

    We'll just have to wait and see how everything progresses and unfolds week by week...
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  5. Bryan coming back is sadly unlikely because Vince doesn't want him back
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  6. I don't know if they had anything planned beyond Reigns at this point but the way they had Reigns booked likely changed a bit because of Seth's injury. Either way, if they did scrap everything I hope it is for the best.
  7. Im sure Rollins and The Rock were definitely a set back for potential plans. Sting and Orton probably as well. But if I were predict the card, these would be the big matches

    Lesnar vs Reigns WWE Title
    Cena vs Taker
    DB vs KO IC title
    Ambrose vs HHH (street fight)

    and with those 4 matches, you would have a hell of a PPV.
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  8. Street fight? That is wishful thinking lol
  9. If true, I do not see the fact that the WrestleMania card has to be started from scratch as being best. I see it as being a non-factor. WWE has shown an unwillingness to embrace who the fans want. I do not see that changing in the short-term that is between now and WrestleMania.
  10. Street fight rules. Not exactly like in the streets of Dallas. So I guess no DQ, Extreme Rules, No Hold Barred, or whatever they call it now. I see it because I see it happening because Triple H will probably attack Dean with his damn sledgehammer.
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  11. I don't think the WWE plan on stories, if you get me. It's more like, Cesaro's injured, or Orton's injured, so we must go with [name].

    What this means is, they will push whoever the same way, with no unique creative process, minus a few tweaks to the plan.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if Balor is involved somehow at mania...his demon entrance in front of 100k fans....probably a ladder match involving multiple teams at Mania as well. The Andre the Giant battle Royal, a Divas match and/or a segment involving a celeb.

    This would be the ideal card

    Lesnar v Reigns Main Event
    Owens v HHH if Owens wins the next night he gets a title shot on Raw
    ATG Battle Royal
    Divas Match
    Triple Threat Tag Ladder match
    (New Day v Dudleys v a possibly returning Hardys)
    HBK v DB
    Cena v Taker
    Ambrose v ADR for the US title

    I think I'd enjoy this card
  13. This article is a joke. Honestly
    - Why is Lana's absence due to wrist surgery hindering WrestleMania? And she's supposed to be back far before the event.
    - When and how was Big Show injured, seriously never heard of an injury.
    - Seth Rollins was vaguely promised a spot on the card and had no real plans.
    - Daniel Bryan has been out for over half a year, and only now is he getting in the way of WrestleMania plans?
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  14. Meltzer and the other reliable sheets actually reported around August that the top six matches for WM32 had already been decided on, but since then a few things seem to have changed:

    -Brock vs Taker III (this is only counting their latest matches since Lesnar returned in 2012, of course) was meant for Mania but they blew the feud off at Hell In A Cell instead. Now Cena vs Taker is rumored, and while a lot of people are thinking Brock vs Reigns II is in the plans, I question why they think this considering they're clearly planting the seeds for Reigns vs Triple H.

    -Bray Wyatt vs Sting was rumored for Wrestlemania a few months ago, but Sting's injuries at Night Of Champions may force him to miss Mania.

    -The Rock vs Triple H was intended to be the main event of Wrestlemania, but word is that Rocky won't be able to get insurance on his next film if he makes the decision to wrestle again, so he's probably out. WWE wanted Ronda Rousey to get involved in the angle as well (possibly in her own singles match with Steph), and she's out of the Wrestlemania plans entirely as well.

    So it seems plans right now are certainly going through changes to whatever they were a few months ago. They may no longer have The Rock, Sting might be out, Rollins is out, Randy Orton is out, Cesaro is out (though I seriously doubt they had any concrete ideas for him anyway... Probably would have ended up in the Andre memorial Battle Royal again), they likely won't be successful in talking either Austin or Michaels into wrestling one final match, etc.
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  15. My first question was simply "How in the hell can they even get a card together? They don't even have a possible Rumble winner set up more less a Mania card!"

    Then, I started to fantasy book it - dangerous, because Wrestlemania is generally the show the WWE has to put the LEAST effort into because it's already a draw, as proven last year, but here goes...

    Roman Reigns vs Triple H
    Undertaker vs Cena
    Brock Lesnar vs Sheamus - WWE Championship
    Owens vs Zayn
    Sasha vs Charlotte (these final two matches are too obvious to not happen, which means they won't)

    add on a tag team clusterfuck, the jobber battle royal, and a buffer match and I guess that works as a Mania
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  16. What is Daniel Byran returns and wins the Royal Rumble and Sheamus keeps the title?

    He can get redemption for his 20 second lose at Wrestlemania 28 lmao
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  17. Lmao, been thinking that since it's the only person who has any history with Sheamful.

    If that's the case, it's the opposite situation as the last two years lmao. Can you imagine Reigns being the screwed-over favorite going in, at odds with the Authority, just for Daniel Bryan to make a shocking return, win the Rumble and "take his spot"?

    I'm... not sure exactly how I'd feel about that after it happens. It's easy to sit back and say "DB winning? Fuck yeah! Lets go!", but if it happens it's also easy to say "ya know, this is kinda messed up. Reigns isn't THAT bad, he oughta succeed eventually, right?"
  18. It won't happen. But if it did, it would at least make sense. Triple H vs Reigns makes sense too but i don't think it will happen, because Reigns will probably win the title. Him and Lesnar will have their rematch from last year since Rollins came in with the steal.

    I think HHH will face Ambrose, and hopefully put Ambrose over.
  19. Ugh, if they're trying to get Reigns over, Reigns/Lesnar II is definitely the wrong way to go since there's no good winner (unless you get creative). If Lesnar wins, it halts Roman's momentum, if Roman wins then the resentment grows stronger. As a match to look forward to... well... that's a hell of a lot better than that card I just listed haha

    Certainly makes much more financial sense for Roman to have the belt going into Mania than Sheamus. The idea is clearly to establish Sheamus as a weak champion that Roman can tear apart easily in a fair fight, and you can't drag that out for so many months lol
  20. Thats why I think Reigns is going to turn heel to defeat Brock Lesnar. The crowd will definitely boo the shit out of him if he goes over clean as a babyface. The only way that makes sense for him to go over Lesnar is a heel turn. It make his title reign last longer and it will keep the title off Lesnars part time schedule.

    Reigns will win the title at Royal Rumble, in his home state of Florida. He's guaranteed to get some what of a pop there. Him and Sheamus will probably have a rubber match at Fastlane. In that match, HHH will try to screw Reigns but Ambrose will make the save, setting up HHH vs Ambrose at Wrestlemania.
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