WWE plans to promote more to kids/families

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 21, 2013.

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  2. Yet Triple H wants things to go more old school.
  3. Nothing wrong with promoting more to kids and families, as long as the whole company doesn't pander solely to that demographic.
  4. Exactly. There can be room for everything in wrestling. Just find the right combo. I have no problem with say RAW starting with more kiddy segments and then going to the more serious stuff later on.
  5. They should have it like the old days. Have RAW is WAR as a PG show from 9-10; then Warzone as a TV-14 show from 10-11.
  6. Isn't that kinda what it's like now anyway? I think the corporate section of their website says that the show is technically TV-14 in the third hour.
  7. Perhaps they should book it that way. Recently the first hour has been booked better than the last hour (not counting this past weeks abortion).
  8. I like that idea!
  9. Nothing wrong with this as they have shows where they can pander to kids. RAW should be the adult show with ME and SMS toned down for kids but continuing the stories and feuds for them.
  10. How do you know that? You can't base that on what NXT is currently; the two are completely different.
  11. More stuff like SMS? I'm down if so.
  12. Reports posted today saying that Triple H is pushing for more old school approaches.
  13. I don't think we can just assume the dirt sheets are right (got a source for me btw?). It could mean anything too. It could mean a more old school style of booking and actually having meaningful divisions (midcard, tag-team, undercard) with old school feuds not all revolving around titles. It doesn't necessarily mean he wants to change the whole target audience for this huge company.
  14. Source here. There is also a thread on it.

    But yeah I kind of agree that it is hard to assume that Hunter wants to change the approach of the entire wwe. It's likely like Senhor said that we if anything will get a more old school show layout with kiddy segments at the start and more serious at the end.
  15. I sort of like the main events/interesting storylines appearing at the beginning; gives me reason to watch later and something to be excited for. I am pumped for the storyline improvements he'll make (hopefully), and the more old school production approach. Hopefully it results in a brand-split again.
  16. To be honest you don't even need a source. Hunter learnt his trade that way, of course he's going to favour that way as it's how he learnt, he has more first hand experience of being old school.

    When I saw that article this morning I was thrilled, guys are so wooden nowadays.
  17. Vince McMahon booked old school, so I don't quite understand that ideology. It's not a case of "Well I wrestled in an old school era, so I'll change this global company which just keeps growing and making millions into what I perceive as old school".
  18. Vince was also the one who hired all the writers. I agree with Jonathan, workers should be able to put themselves over. Creative should give them the gist of what should be said in the promo with the talent interpreting it into his or her own words. HHH saw how well this worked during the AE and would most likely like to see it again.
  19. Vince books old school? The old school promotions used prominent midcard and tag team divisions, the only thing old school about Vince is his hollow babyface personas. Compare the old NWA/JCP cards against the WWE, the US title was a huge deal, the tag team division boasted some incredibly over teams such as LOD (imagine if they came through today, they'd have been split within a year) and all feuds were steadily built over the months, in some cases years. Vince's current booking is a horrible hybrid of car crash TV ( random feuds starting for wow effect and being dropped as quickly) with the laziness and cheese of the early 90s. He isn't old school he's created a monster with his booking.
  20. I don't think anyone here disagrees that wrestlers need to get themselves over. The IWC has been calling for bullet points for years, lol.
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