WWE.. Please bring back....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DarksideTrin, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Carlito!

    I really like his work! He was funny and quirky character that was fine with making fun of himself!

    Shane Helms

    As the hurricane! Reinvent the cruiser weight division

    THE Brian Kendrick

    He is fantastic!

    That is all

  2. London and Kendrick if brought back as a tag team I have no issues with they were spot monkeys but I used to still enjoy the hell outta the matches could do with some high flying tag teams to feud with The Uso's. Helms why not The Hurricane wasn't the worst gimmick in the world tbh. Carlito men not interested.
  3. Carlito over most of the midcarders.

    Especially if he brings the "body guy" gimmick... It's funny
  4. Hurricane can hardly go anymore, his knees are shot.

    Carlito is too lazy and has major problems staying in shape (unless taking roids)

    Kendrick is higher than Swagger and RVD put together.
  5. I'm not going back to WWE.
  6. None of them will go back to WWE, sorry.
  7. If Carlito came back and started making fun of peoples bodies then I would enjoy it.