WWE possibly releasing more employees?

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  1. Nothing has been confirmed by any means but I have heard multiple dirt sheet reports as well as some behind the scenes talk from other people who could have potentially heard some things from people in the business is that WWE may be looking to release a few more personnel/staff.

    Finances are seeming to be a bit of a concern for the company and they have plenty of people in development that can take the place of some people that they may indeed release from the company. Like I said prior nothing is confirmed at all..

    Basically what I wanna discuss in this topic is do you believe they have a few more people/staff under their employment that they can get rid of and save a bit more money and the follow-up would be who do you think they should get rid of? or another thing possibly to discuss is; Should WWE be as worried as the media and dirtsheets are making them seem to be about finances?

    I will start of by saying yes I believe WWE has a little bit more fat that they can trim off of their staff to somewhat help them out financially.

    R-Truth is someone I can see the WWE cutting, a few reasons would be his yearly salary being around $450k (including bonuses).. he's 42 years old the veteran name gets somewhat of a draw but personally I don't think it's worth that amount of money.. I hate to say it but Sandow is on my list of who I can see the WWE cutting.. although I would like to believe that they would rather restructure his contract.. Sandow is estimated to make about $450k as well this year, I can see WWE changing it to about $280-300k.. I would've said Santino but with his retirement I think that takes care of that... There's a few others that I can see them either releasing or renegotiating a contract with but I'll wait for more posts to discuss something like that.

    Another reason I say there is some people they should cut/renegotiate for less pay with is because there are a few pieces of talent out there that aren't making as much as some of the other guys but probably should be making more.. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Fandango combined were set to make about as much this year as Justin Gabriel alone... Idk if those salaries have changed since the storylines have been strongly in there favor but it's just what I noticed.

    55k for Seth, 60k for Fandango, 110k for Ambrose and 220k for J.Gabriel.

    WrestleZone Link (not too much to be said here just kinda brought up the topic tbh)
  2. Cut Jerry Lawler loose, I'd be cool with that.

    Anyways, they should also release all of the talent they're rarely using or not using at all... J. Gabriel, Kidd, Zack Ryder, Darren Young, Otunga...
  3. Well, I have no idea about who gets paid more or less but yeah, they may cut some more. It'd be sad if Truth and Sandow got cut because they're terribly misused (not saying they should be in the main event, but using Truth as a babyface instead of a heel is asinine and Sandow deserves more than to job every week imo). Also agree on cutting Jerry Lawler, he's a complete waste of money and sucks at his job.
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  4. I think there will be nxt cuts if any. And backstage cuts.
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  5. I guess this might be the end of Zack Ryder's WWE career at last. He even sadly announced on Twitter as recently as a week ago that he no longer even had any items being sold on WWEShop.com.

    Otherwise, they'll probably end up cutting office people and other backstage employees that we don't even know exist. And others will end up taking pay cuts since that's always one of the first budget cuts that the company makes when they want to cut back on finances.
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  6. Darren Young is the first openly gay professional wrestler, I imagine they will keep him around. Also from what I've heard he's coming back any time now with longer hair and a new look, apparently his salary is only $60k so that's not bad if they can utilize him enough he may actually help them out a lot.

    Justin Gabriel is a favorite to either get restructured/cut IMO.
    Otunga can use a cut too he gets paid too much for how little he is even used these days. Although he does make a good movie actor, The Call was pretty solid acting job for him.
  7. Really? didn't see that.. interesting.
    Seems like that's likely then for him to go..

    The paycuts are what I was thinking more than likely happening in addition to maybe like 3-5 more cuts. I've heard they like Sandow a lot they just don't like the pay they offered him when he came up.. Which I can agree with, I'm a Son of Sandow and I would love to see him stay and do believe he would agree to anything above $250k.
  8. With the whole thing with Adam Rose being given his "last chance" against Sandow, I think they actually see something in Damien in this role. Think his spot is safe.

    Doesn't being on Total Divas give you a bulletproof contract? Kidd is safe.

    Ironically her arrest may actually keep Emma employed. :lol1:
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  9. This thread alone sums up all the reasons I'd never pursue pro wrestling as a career.
    To be Zack Ryder, have your merch ripped through no fault of your own is terrible.
    Putting my life on the line for this company is too reckless.
    Vince doesn't care about his employees
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  10. Initially when I posted I was a bit concerned but it seems more likely that with a hefty salary of a little over $400k they might just rework his deal and make it more around $250-300k.

    RVD has to go or take a paycut, I mean dude is getting paid a little over $600k, I mean I get it.. kind of but you could offer him $450 and I'm sure he'd still stick around while saving the company a good $100-150k a year.
  11. Those guys are worth every penny they earn. F*** a paycut. If they can't pay be benefits on top of that, why allow my family to suffer?
  12. Looks like Vince was initially trying to cut $20 mil and has stated that the current firings have actually been working out and they are set for a way less loss than what they thought a little over a month ago.

    They're estimating 5-8 more releasing of Jinder/Drew/Brodus/Aksana status should be coming sooner rather than later.
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