WWE PPV list for 2013

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Drop Over the Limit and put another name and gimmick on HIAC please.

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  2. have sky relesed details yet on what will be free and what will be ppv
  3. I want a Royal Rumble to be in Jersey so bad. I'll just have to settle for Wrestlemania for now
  4. Really hope they drop OTL.

    Inb4 the new groundbreaking PPV "Falls Count Anywhere" is announced.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Again with the 3 weeks build up for HIAC :FACEPALM:
  7. I thought RR was at MSG?
  8. It wasn't. I remember asking someone where it was a while ago and they said Arizona, so... I think that's correct.
  9. I'm Fucking certain it was originally scheduled for MSG? - Excitement level for PPV
  10. Always was Phoenix dude.
  11. No fuck you all. It was originally scheduled there I'm sure :finger:
  12. Is this the same as last year? Fucking hell shake it up a bit.
  13. OTL is moved and the one (where Kotr used to be was it not?) In Chicago is undecided.
  14. I think they dropped one. didn't they like have 3 ppvs very tightly together after mania. Like OTL just two weeks after ER and ER only 3 weeks after mania?
  15. Not necessarily, OTL hasn't been confirmed yet.
  16. Still lame.
  17. WTF!? Why is it when Buffalo NY get a PPV its alway a crap PPV!?
  18. Cause Buffalo sucks! Been there a couple of times, it's the dirtiest city I've ever been to.
  19. RR was originally scheduled for MSG then they were told the building was being used or renevated (can't remember which one) @R'Albin.
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  20. What do you mean? THAT SELL OUT ALMOST ALL THE TIME!
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