News WWE producer stabbed in trailer park

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Sep 30, 2016.

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  2. WTF? That really sucks to hear.

    Get well soon, Jamie Noble!
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  3. Crazy shit
  4. Tailing someone to their house cos they cut you off is a bit much. Stabbing em is straight up wrong. And illegal. Hope he recovers well
  5. I never understood road rage on this level. You get cut off, get mad, fine... But to follow the dude, get out your car and threaten him... Then fight him and get your friends to stab him over it?

    And people wonder why I enjoy staying home :pity:
  6. It was probably Sheamus trying to finish off what he started.
  7. oh crap that is scary, we got a lot of those around here
  8. [
    To wank your tiny cock?
  9. That's called the South.
  10. Bet it was Nidia
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  11. Jamie Noble got caught running around with Torrie Wilson again !
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  12. This is also drugs I'm sure lol. Sounded like shady guys any ways.
  13. Yeah it is likely. Drugs make people do some stupid crap out of paranoia.
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  14. Curse those mf's that stabbed Jamie Noble

    Noble was funny as hell!