News WWE produces ugliest hat ever for Bryan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Feb 3, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
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  2. *opens thread*
    *sees top of the hat when it opens*
    It aint that bad.
    *scrolls down to comment*
    *sees the visor*
    Oh :eww:
  3. He's buried. They're trying to bury him. I bet it was Triple H designed that shit.
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  4. This.
  5. hahahaha I love it for some reason. I want it!
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  6. Dude who the HELL thought that was a good idea? I hope it wasn't Bryan himself lol. So now they not only sell fake beards, but hats with fake beard visors. I guess if you wore it backwards it might hide the ridiculousness of it.
  7. This is quite a weird move for WWE. LOL
  8. looks like something Gohan would wear
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  9. Derpsheet report: Many WWE fans driving home from a house show the other day were in vehicular accidents. Many of the drivers stated the cause as having their vision obstructed by the fake beard on the brim of the new Daniel Bryan hat. Apparently these people were too big of Bryan marks to take the hat off on their way home.
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  10. It's Bryan Danielson's... so it means it will sell
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  11. Looks like the hat has a moustache
  12. I bet it would sell even better if they said it was made with DB's hair
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  13. By far...the greatest thing WWE has done in years. I commend them for exceling Bryan to the top in this fashion.
  14. Was "the ugliest hat ever made" in the description? Lmao, I think it'd be good if the visor didn't look like a toilet seat cover.
  15. I want one.
  16. WTF!!?? lmao... That is funny! Take my money.. going to search for and buy one right now!
  17. Why does other peoples merch sell? Because most of it looks good/doesn't look like you're a fucking idiot "wrestling nerd"

    Why doesn't Bryan's merch sell? Not because he can't sell merch, because the merch they give him is fucking horrendous.

    Whoever designed this literally should quit right now. That is atrocious.
  18. I actually don't think it's too bad, I guess with the beard theme they have going on now, they're trying to replicate that with his merchandise.
  19. I would buy it and never wear it. I'd probably lose it in my room somewhere.
  20. I wonder if it comes with a free comb? As surely you'd need to brush it if it's windy outside? :emoji_wink:
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