WWE Production Upgrades

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jonathan, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. http://www.sescoops.com/wwe-planning-production-upgrades-3d-discussed-austins-show-renewed/

    Finally, true 1080p HD instead of just upscaled 720p. 3D WWE could be epic, but it could also be a disaster. Seeing Taker do his over the top rope jump in 3D with him jumping towards a camera would be epic.
  2. I would pay a lot of money to see Wrestlemania live in a movie theatre in 3D. The sound, the screen, the epicness. If this comes to fruition next year might be the first Wrestlemania I won't attend after going to the last 4, this year being the 5th
  3. I don't know how all the 3D business works, so I must ask:

    How effective do you guys think it'd be considering it's a live show and all?
  4. Meh, I always watch crappy streams and download stuff in lower quality so it's not that big anyway. :haha:
  5. Live show or taped, it wouldn't make much of a difference.
  6. Well at home 3D is ineffective IMO, but if I'm in a theatre it works very well. As far as being live goes, almost any show can be turned into 3D now a days with the right technology. Now if WWE is investing in 3D cameras then I live feed would be no problem, it would be the same as using any other camera.

    I have never watched wrestling in a theatre so the experience would be the equivalent to a live show in my estimation. You're in a theatre with fellow wrestling fans who will be marking, good sound, food, 3D. It would be like having a skybox, but with a bigger TV screen.
  7. A 3-D wrestlemania would be amazing :smug:
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