WWE propose 8 New Reality shows for Network

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Majour, Mar 20, 2014.

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    Taken from: http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/461999-wwe-proposes-8-new-reality-shows-for-the-wwe-network

    'WWE sent fans a survey this week trying to gauge interest in new reality shows for the WWE Network, asking them to rate their interest in each idea, and answer whether any of them would increase the likelihood of a future subscription to the Network.

    Blackman's Bounties
    – Former WWE star and legit badass Steve Blackman reality series following his bounty hunting team based out of Harrisburg, PA. Think Dog the Bounty Hunter.

    NXT: Behind the Scenes – A reality series following the talents trying to make it out of the Performance Center and to the main roster, looking at their work, their personal lives and the fraternity of the NXT brand, including the heartbreak of being cut. So, it's Tough Enough-esque.

    Pros vs. Joes – Pretty much the same as the old SpikeTV series, pitting WWE talents against an average person in physical and non physical challenges. The non physical challenges listed included an air guitar competition. The physical challenges were described as similar to American Gladiators.

    WWE Around the World – Following WWE talents taking part in some of the scariest stunts and attractions around the world, such as shark diving and eating strange foods. It read as if it was modeled after some of the Travel Channel's "Extreme" specials with a dash of Anthony Bordain's No Reservations.

    WWE Dirty Jobs – Just like the Discovery Channel reality series of the same name, WWE talents have to perform unpleasant jobs, including going into Chicago sewers and picking up garbage in NYC.

    WWE Prankdown – a practical joke show that features WWE talents pulling tricks on unsuspecting "Superfans." The example given was John Cena and Randy Orton both wanting to buy an expensive car and getting into a fight at the dealership, only to show the damage they caused was part of the show to trick the fan.

    WWE Rescue – a reality show where WWE talents come to the homes of "super fans" help them with their personal and business problems. Think Restaurant Impossible meets Nanny 911.

    WWE Ultimate Challenge - WWE's version of CBS' Amazing Race with a 12 hour extreme scavenger hunt in different cities.

    Xtreme WWE Collector – Starring "Super fan Michael Patterson" – basically a WWE version of Travel Channel's Toy Hunter, except Patterson is chasing WWE toys and memorabilia.'

    So, would any of you guys want to watch any of these shows?
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  2. NXT Behind the scenes, Blackman
  3. Blackman's Bounties, I think would be pretty good.
    But I'm not sold on the NXT Backstage since it'll most likely end up 'Total Divas'. As much as I like Total Divas, I don't really feel like NXT has to stoop to that level.
  4. I'd be borderline interested in NXT: Behind the Scenes. I'd hate to think how much of it might be scripted and wouldn't want a lot of drama -- which they'd probably turn it into -- but wouldn't mind seeing more of the NXT stars I enjoy so much, either way.

    Can't even imagine how well WWE Rescue would do, or how that'd even work well with the people being "super fans."

    Really, aside from the NXT one, none of them really appeal to me. Then again, I'm not a fan of reality TV shows in the first place.
  5. I'm not a fan of reality shows so I don't think I'd watch any of these.
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  6. Would Al Snow be involved the Blackman show? If not then no dice.
  7. Most of those sound awesome actually.
  8. Pros Vs Joes sounds interesting. I'm intrigued.
  9. Blackman's Bounties sounds awesome. Rescue sounds interesting, too. They really outta consider helping me out with my "personal and business problems", being that I'm one of the most knowledgeable WWE fans in the world (that counts as a super fan if there ever was one.) I doubt they'll choose actual fans for the show, though. It's reality TV, which means "fake as hell."
  10. The Prank show should be visa versa to where the super fans are the ones playing the pranks on the superstars, I think that format would work a bit better.
    I'd watch NXT: Behind the Scenes though and probably Pros vs Joes.
  11. I'd watch all of them.
  12. 8!? 8 new shows, really? FFS. I'd probably try watching them all at least once, to see what they were like and then make my decision to keep watching any of them afterwards.
  13. This is more my speed. This is how I form my judgement for TV shows I watch. All of them except the "Toy Collector" one have aspects that I might enjoy.

    Anybody like the idea of a WWE cooking show?

  14. I found the trailer for Blackman's Bounties, was made in late 2012, but my god it's very NFSW. This would have to be a late night program for the Network, that or just have the parents use parental controls.

  15. There's still some hope for WWEF.
  16. I'd probably give all of them a shot and after that watch the ones I enjoy the most.
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  17. Wow the network becomes more and more appealing by the day. It might be time to snag a dirt cheap ps3.
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  18. Not for nothing, but if you're serious, you can pick up a Roku 2 cheaper than a PS3. All you need is a wifi connection and you're solid.

  19. I could, but i cant get the other extras involved. I have a few pals with roku's, i'll pass. I have until after WM to snag a ps3, i'll get one for 60ish.
  20. That's true. If you're looking for the other benefits, then a PS3 is the way to go. If you're just looking for a cheap way to watch streaming video, Roku's the way to go. Mine rocks.

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