WWE Pushes Eve Torres

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  1. Credits are in the spoiler, as well as my train of thoughts :emoji_grin:
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    This was actually completely written by me, and no other website has even considered this idea yet. So I take full credit of this.
  2. This would be a speculation , Yo!
  3. Hence why I said "Possible".
  4. Yeah Yo, I know that... Bitch! :flair:
  5. Yes WWE are making he the new bad Diva Heel AND I LIKE IT! That need tough to get her wrestling more black like to make heel like I turn er heel in my WWE12 were before her turn heel in WWE! And I amde really good heel! With different shade of black to her wrestling gear! That should do that to her!
  6. WHAT? :austin:
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  7. WHAT TO YOU TO!? :austin:
  8. I hope they're not "building her up" to face Beth.
  9. Heel vs Heel Crayo?
  10. No that are not gonig to do Heel vs. Heel!
  11. Doesn't matter in the divas division, and they'd most likely turn Beth face. The only reason Beth needs to be a heel is Kharma, but Beth could turn face and kharma could return as a dominant heel.
  12. NO! Trish could face her! Or Kelly Kelly though to put dam good match at Night of Champion of 2011 I would know since I was there LIVE! The fans were into that match the WHOLE! Belive or don't but that IS THE TRUTH! :pity:
  13. LOOOOL!! :lebron:
  14. Kelly Kelly? For the last time Randy Savage, SHE, CAN''T, WRESTLE. xD
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  15. No, but she can certainly do an exposé!

  16. Kelly has excellent wrestling skill, especially on her back.
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