WWE RAW 06/02/12 Live Discussion Thread

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  1. Since no has made the thread yet, let's start discussing.

    [size=x-large]WWE Raw - 6th February 2012[/size]

    Last week RAW's Main Highlights:
    Last week during John Lauinaitis's job performance review, Triple H was interrupted by the Undertaker, who hadn't been seen since Wrestlemania XXVII. The Phenom starring at the WrestleMania XXVIII banner high over head. After some intense moments with no words spoken, The Game patted Undertaker on the shoulder and walked out of the ring. Will HHH explain his actions, or could we see the Undertaker on Raw again? And what does this all mean for the Interim Raw General Manager, John Laurinaitis?

    During a Champion vs Champion match against Daniel Bryan last week, one of his opponents at the Elimination Chamber match, Chris Jericho, attacked CM Punk and hit him with the Codebreaker. Was this simply a sign of friendly rivalry for the title, or was there deeper motives for Jericho?

    John Cena showed an aggresive side that the audience hasn't seen in a long time as he drove Kane away. What's next in the heated feud between these two?

    Find out all this and more on this week's Raw Supershow.

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  2. Damn, I waited to long to post this thread lmao. You made it high quality though, so no complaines there :emoji_slight_smile:. I might suggest putting some of the pics in spoilers though.
  3. Definitely want to see a legit Cena v. Kane. I hate DQs and count outs. But for EC I want a No DQ match, and I want to see Cena go nuts to show his "ruthless aggression" for Wrestlemania.

    I'm disappointed Taker and HHH will go at it again. It'll probably be Undertaker's last match, and I wanted it to be something crazy.

    The other things I have not too much to say on.
  4. Pics aren't too big, are they?

    I agree with on Cena v. Kane. I'd wanna see a legit match as well.

    Let's hope they don't go at it again.
  5. Pics seem fine to me. Nice intro overall.
  6. I'm just hoping for Jericho to explain the reason behind his return. Hell, give Jericho a run with the title from E.C. to Wrestlemania by winning it like a heel or clean would be okay as well.[/php]
  7. Agreed. I know the IWC hates Cena (75%+ of them anyway), but I, like @[seabs] love it when he's super aggressive. Needs to stop the crap smiles and act serious, this feud with Kane has been good so far.

    Also disappointed with Taker vs HHH. Hoping HHH doesn't bury him tomorrow by saying "Reason I said no to Taker was because I think I've already broke it..." it's something I wouldn't put past him.

    Same, I'd love for this to happen if it's true Jericho is leaving after Mania. That way Punk wins it back at Mania and it's a nice short story-line putting Punk over. If he's staying, I'd want Jericho to win at WM with a massive twist. Dunno what, but want something huge to happen. Then Punk defeats his whole stable/corporate structure at Summerslam where Jericho leaves with Fozzy.

    Btw, nice HQ thread. I like these sorts of discussion threads, helps users who missed last weeks or forgot what happened get back into it.
  8. June 2nd raw discussion thread??
  9. Yeah. We time travel on here didn't you know?
  10. Different Date format.
  11. "UK fags" own this joint.
  12. Let's aim for over 1k posts. We got a lot of new members today so I hope most of them will be participating on this discussion tomorrow. If you need str.eam link, just let us know and we can PM you the link. (Can't post it publicly here though, not allowed.)
  13. Dunno if we'll reach that, last time the thread was created a couple days early and had everyone from the Rumble still on. Was on like 20 pages before RAW started. Still aim for over 30 pages though :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Really looking forward to this show, RAW was probably the best I've seen in years last week.
  14. I'm going to be here and i'll make sure it gets more than 1k posts that is if i just dont fall asleep like last time.
  15. Lmao, stuck the thread :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. Hell yeah can't wait for RAW tonight.
  17. Same, should be pretty decent tonight. Hope Jericho speaks.
  18. CM Punk will call him out mark my words :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Oh god if Jericho and Punk go head to head on the mic tonight, I think I'd probably mark myself to death.
  20. I think it's too soon personally. Though I really want to see Jericho speak for a long period of time.