WWE Raw 22/7/13 Live Discussion Thread

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    UK: LIVE!, Tuesday Morning, July 16th at 1am on SkySportsHD3
    US: LIVE!, Monday Night, July 15th at 8/7c on the USA Network
    Five Point Preview
    1. Has Brock Lesnar awakened the beast within CM Punk?
    CM Punk is undergoing tough times. He’s without his coveted WWE Championship, his trust in Paul Heyman has been ripped to shreds and now his body has been batteredby Heyman’s monstrous client, Brock Lesnar.
    But could Lesnar’s assault backfire for the Heyman camp? Could it actually motivate, rather than intimidate, the man who built his career on fighting through adversity and challenge? Chances are Punk has something up his straight-edge sleeve for this week’s Raw.
    2. Big Show Returns!
    Ever since losing a match to Chris Jericho in May, The World’s Largest Athlete has been absent from TV, except for his participation on the WWE Payback and Money in the Bank Kickoff panels. During an exclusive interview in June, the angry giant revealed: "I'll take time off any time I want to, for as long as I want to!” Will the 441-pounder reveal who or what he’s after when he returns this Monday on Raw?
    3. Is the Hall Of Pain poised to induct 3 new members?
    Last week, The Shield added Mark Henry to its list of massive Superstars the group has decimated with its signature Triple Powerbomb. The assault left The World’s Strongest Man down for the count. But Henry is certainly not one to back down from a fight. Could The Shield have bitten off more than they can chew with this latest assault of one of WWE’s most dangerous and unpredictable Superstars? Something says they better watch their collective backs.
    4. Is Brad Maddox capable of running Raw?
    He’s young and inexperienced … and he’s in charge of the longest running weekly episodic television show in history. Brad Maddox was put in power by none other than Mr. McMahon himself. Last week’s Raw was the first under Maddox’s reign, and the exciting night still has the WWE Universe talking. It remains to be seen if the young man has what it takes to truly lead. What do you think?
    5. Who will The Wyatt's target next?
    First it was Kane and R-Truth on Raw, then it was Justin Gabriel and 3MB on WWE Mainnt who were brutally attacked by The Wyatt Family. After weeks of hints about when they would officially debut in WWE, the group came out swinging. Now, it’s clear no one is safe from their twisted agenda. But so far, the ragged trio has only offered cryptic clues as to what it’s all about, and especially why Kane was targeted first. Will we learn more about what makes them tick on this week’s Raw Eve

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  3. I wouldnt take the preview for what Raw will actually be like, Its not the most accurate thing in the world.
  4. No Rhodes? Will be here
  5. The thing I'm most interested in isn't even up there and that's the start of the build for Cena and Bryan's WWE Title match.

    We know the Bella twins are gonna get involved, but the question is, how much emphasis are they gonna put on that compared with what the main focus of the feud should be, which is building up to that special moment when Bryan finally completes his journey from wrestling in the Indies (and in high school gyms, from what I've seen) to winning the most coveted prize in all of wrestling? There's a lot of interesting things they could do for this feud like having Vince doubt Bryan's ability to truly defeat "his guy" John Cena, the man who has represented his company for nearly the past decade. You could have Triple H talking about how he believes that anyone with the right determination can eventually rise to the top. You could have Shawn Michaels make an appearance on Raw on the go home show and tell him that this is it, this is the moment that Bryan's whole career has been building towards, which all started from the very moment that Michaels himself started training Bryan way back when. HBK could recant what achieving the "boyhood dream" at Wrestlemania 12 felt like and how Bryan has the chance of a lifetime to do the same this Sunday by defeating one of the greatest of all time to become WWE Champion. He could also warn him of how tough of an opponent John Cena is as well.

    I'm just hoping that the Bella Hoes and the whole soap opera aspect of them being involved and each taking the side of "their man" isn't the main thing that the feud revolves around. I'm pretty certain it won't be because I don't see how they could build an entire program over just that for the next four Raw episodes.
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  6. stickied.
  7. Thanks Alkaline :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Probably shouldn't list the date in that format on live discussion threads. It confuses us Americans. Better to list like it usually is "July 22nd 2013" rather than "22/7/13" b/c in America we would write it as "7/22/13"
  9. "1. Has Brock Lesnar awakened the beast within CM Punk?"

    I'm sure Brock is shaking in his boots lmao. CM Punk =/= beast
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  10. Adam is a ukfag?
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  12. The worst part of the UK even

  13. :willis: Since when was England better than Scotland?
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  16. I can't see it just being about the Bellas. No way. They can't take the spotlight completely off Bryan and Cena. Obviously they're high on Bryan and want him to succeed, and they definitely know exactly what they have in him. Crossing fingers that they get the storytelling right and keep it simple though. Sure they can use the McMahons for a rub as long as they don't overshadow this at all. Great call with Michaels, hope he'll be out there.

    The Bellas can go catfight and plug Total Divas in their own segment we can all happily mute.

    Either way, the 5-Point Preview made me less excited for Raw.
    -Lesnar and Punk should be good, but will it be a letdown after last week?
    -What will Big Show do? Will he stay heel? Will he set up some young talent he can job to?
    -Is Mark Henry really face, and what will change about him?
    -Will Bray Wyatt get the mic, and will Kane appear?

  17. Wanna bet?
  18. For the record, that five point preview looks incredibly meh, but I have faith in WWE considering their recent run of shows.

    That's right bitches, hashtag team optimism in this mafucka

    Crayo , give me my team optimism buff.
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  19. Just a note to everyone that tonight's Raw will be taped and next weeks Raw will be taped tomorrow and Smackdown will be taped Tuesday and the next weeks Smackdown will be taped Wednesday as all talent are going overseas to do the shows in Australia and China
  20. Source or its bullshit. Btw tomorrow is Tuesday so it sounds like bs.
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