WWE RAW April 22nd 2013 Discussion Thread

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    United States: Monday Night, April 22, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, April 23, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3
    The O2 Arena in London, England
    RAW Five-Point Preview
    1. Triple H headed to London
    2. Can The Undertaker help stop The Shield?
    3. What’s next for CM Punk?
    4. Who will make the next move in the World Title hunt?
    5. How will WWE Champion John Cena respond to Ryback?

  2. Just pumped for watching how they book the undertaker
  3. :yay: The thread is up!

    Should be an interesting episode, that's for sure.
    There will be plenty of exciting things for the British crowd to sink their remaining teeth into. And Triple H will be there, too.
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  4. First discussion thread of the new software. Woo.
  5. Expecting an awesome crowd
  6. Will hopefully be there. Although, currently getting my friend into rasslin' so I'll probably be talking more with him personally than here.

    Looks like it's gonna be good, hyped for the 'taker match. Hopefully that'll make up for rest of the show that will most likely be filled with useless filler!
  7. Can't wait to see Cena get the cheap pop mentioning the Boston Marathon.

    Anyway, should be a really good show. WWE know they can't feed this British crowd shit. Really looking forward to that 6 man tag team match, have no idea where they're gonna go with it booking wise.
  8. It'll be a waste of time if Taker doesn't eat a triple Powerbomb. No point putting Taker in the match if he isn't going to put over the young guys.
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  9. gonna be an good show
  10. Much better than Crayo's poor excuses for discussion threads.
  11. Will probably be here, at least for a bit. If only to try out this fancy shyt.
  12. I think this going to be a good show like almost every raw
  13. I hope this RAW is as good at the Post-WM one.
  14. The crowd will probably be as rowdy, but nothing can top the Ziggler cash in, IMO.
  15. I have high hopes for this Raw, considering it is in London, I'm expecting a crowd like the night after 'Mania.
  16. London and RAW? I expect a lot of chants.
  17. Thread discussion king checking in
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  18. Apparently some fans are trying to get a Poznan started when Cena enters tonight :lol1:

  19. Raw starts at 7pm in London tonight. I would have to stay up till 1 to see the show. Will it be streamed live anywhere?:cry:
  20. No spoilers in here please, there'll be a separate thread made for folks who want to read them.
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