WWE RAW April 8th 2013 Live Discussion Thread (WrestleMania Fallout)

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, April 8, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, April 9, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3


    Izod Center at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, NJ

    RAW Five-Point Preview


    1. Anything can happen the day after WrestleMania


    2. Is Fandango a flash in the pan?


    3. Is Miz poised to take 2013 by storm?


    4. Triple H’s career lives on!


    5. The Champ returns!


  2. Cena baby turn tonight :boss1:
  3. I said it before WM: I'm more excited for this post WM stretch than I was for 'Mania itself. As long as Cena and Rock don't have a shitty blowoff match, then these next few weeks will be great. Tonight's Raw won't be anywhere near as good as last year's one at this time though, there's not really any interesting fallout like there was this time last year.

    Anybody see there being a possibility of a Shield vs Cena/Rock match?
  4. no rock
  5. are taker rock and lesnar on
  6. totally pumped up for this; Cena is the CHAMP! Fanango winning was shocking but good by Jericho to put him over so even then if i end up being a dango fan i'd still go by "FANDANG.....NO!" lol
  7. Want to see if Rocky appears
  8. Will watch only to bury this pathetic product.
  9. Completely not pumped for tonight's show. Usually the post-Mania shows are exciting, but I'm just not feeling it this time. Too crappy of a WrestleMania for me to really care much for the "fallout."
  10. I think I may be here.
  11. I'll be watching because apparently I'm a glutton for punishment. However, not sure how active I'll be in the thread, if at all, since I have a friend over.
  12. The one good thing is the crowd will consist of angry smarks probably still pissed about last night's crap.

    if WWE wheels out Cena to talk about how he overcame the odds and how much he respects Rock, at least we can expect his monotone drivel to be drowned out by heavy boos.
  13. I suspect a huge boring chant when he makes his winner's speech tonight.



  14. I just want the crowd to bury the show if it is as bad as Mania was.
  15. So true, so true. I'll be looking to zone out if he starts a 20-minute or so "yay me!" speech.
  16. Have to work :yay:
  17. He oughta just repeat the same crap he did last year. Have a 20 minute monologue that the crowd takes a giant shit on, eventually gives into the fact that the crowd's too busy popping for Daniel Bryan to listen to him, ask the Rock to come down to give him one last hug to send him on his merry way, then Batista runs out and powerbombs his ass through the ring. Don't tell me you wouldn't mark again.

    Will I be here? Maybe. Cynthio and Nazi owe me sexual favors if so. If so, will I watch the show or just pretend? Maybe. Would rather just have Seabs keep me posted of what's going on, so he can yell "BAHGOD THE SHIELD JUST JUMPED THE RAIL AND ATTACKED CENA! Wait... what is this... Brad Maddox... A match... HOLY CRAP! DEAN AMBROSE JUST WON THE WWE TITLE!" and entertain all of us with his fake results.

    For some reason I imagine Seabs looking just like Turk from Scrubs.
  18. Rumours flying around that Rock has gone walkabouts. Lesnar was meant to be beating the hell out of Rock tonight to set up next years WM main event, but Rock has gone home and refused to show his face. McMahon and co have been in chaos writing a new script for tonight's raw. Hope it's a work. Hell Rock to return.
  19. lol wtf

    source or prepare to be mocked
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