WWE RAW August 6th 2012 Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]


    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, August 6, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, August 7, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3


    AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX

    What to expect

    More on tweener Punk

    Jericho/Ziggler feud

    Build to SummerSlam
  2. I don't know what to really be excited for this week's raw, besides hoping for more character development of Punk.
  3. That picture is gold. So is the description.

    Guess we won't get more of Punk vs Lawler this week though :sad:
  4. Awesome picture, I really hope this feud gets actual useful time.
  5. I think Jericho/DZ could be a very good feud if they start pushing it more past the tag team matches.
  6. Things I hope to see:

    Build between Jericho and Ziggler (hopefully a promo segment)
    Build between the PTPers and the tag champs
    Continuing the Kidd vs Tensai, Cesaro vs Santino, and Sandow vs Brodus and other retarded shit feuds, as all those feuds are either entertaining me or getting the US belt off Santino
    More announced Summerslam matches, maybe a promo segment between Christian and Miz as Albin said
    Good matches, but preferably more promo segments
    Entertaining segments from Bryan (whether it be intentionally entertaining or Bryan turning dog shit into gold) and Punk
    WWE phasing Rey and maybe Orton into the WHC picture
    No Charlie Sheen and very little Cena, Big Show, Sheamus, and Triple H

    Loaded with optimism since all of this is quite possible (except that last one)
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  7. Since he's feuding with Sheen I'm guessing he will be mentioned.
  8. If this is what passes for a good Raw these days I must just hate Raw. The only thing you mentioned specifically that I give a fuck about is obviously Ziggler and Jericho.
  9. I wanna see CM Punk talk shit.
  10. I'm agreeing with DZ. There is really nothing special to look forward to but Jericho/Ziggler. But I want to see Daniel and Punk.
  11. Agree with a lot of what Rain says, it could be a very good show. The issue for me is the 3 hours make it drag out like hell, no matter how good the show is.

    Still, have at least 30 minutes of in-ring segments involving Punk, a lengthy mic battle in the Miz/Christian and Ziggler/Jericho fueds and Daniel Bryan a segment that doesn't make him look like a twat then I'm a happy man.

    How long before it goes back to 2 hours or is it indefinite?
  12. Yeah just looking forward to the matches really.
  13. 3 hours.

    I really hope I have to work so I can skip through the commercials and Cena make a wish segments
  14. Yeah weighing up whether to watch live or to just watch advert-free in the morning. Reckon I'll go for the latter tbh.
  15. Next year. :upset:
  16. Play music through the ads noobs, also through anything to do with Big Show, Cena, Orton promos, Kane and others.
  17. Great :upset:
  18. I think you just don't care about anyone except Jericho and Ziggler... they're either booked to the point of irrelevance or don't have any talent to begin with. It's hard to care about anything going on when that's the case. Can't blame you, either.

    From a company that's conditioned us to believe they can't do anything right, that wouldn't be a pretty solid lineup. Especially with so many feuds going on (even if a lot of them need more story behind them)

    -Jericho/Ziggler is what we really care about obviously, really asking for promos since the feuds can use them, not just typical useless tag matches. They actually gave the feud a point, so it should be spotlighted pretty well.
    -Tag feud, whatever. They announced it so they may as well build for it, if it's on the show that's one more segment that has a point, better than Santino vs Hornswoggle or some other stupid shit
    -Kidd and Sandow are more personal things, and them actually using the mid-card belt to do something productive would be a nice change of pace.
    -Christian and Miz promo, could be a good feud
    -Punk and Bryan are really entertaining right now, although seeing them scares me because the idiots they're feuding with are soon to follow... please keep the Yes chants to less than 3
    -Anything to avoid Sheamus/Del Rio II after the first one was awful, and in a multi-man match you can actually hope someone besides Sheamus will win

    I liked last weeks show, but spamming the forum during the 183 recaps/adverts and arguing with someone about the ridiculous Chick-Fil-A protests during that dreadful ME helped tremendously. Probably couldn't get through the show without that.
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  19. THIS.

    All I read in discussion threads is OMG ADVERTS WTF, it's fun, it gives you a chance to have a mini-rave during the shit. Also, if you play a good song that fits, you can even enjoy Big Show.
  20. Fast forwarding > listening to music

    Just no point in sitting around wasting 3 hours on Raw when you can easily see everything you need to see in half the time
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