WWE RAW December 3rd 2012 Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]


    United States: Live, Monday, Dec. 3, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday, Dec. 4, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3


    Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, NC

    RAW Five-Point Preview


    Three-course meal


    It was justified


    Keep calm and hug it out?


    Cena and AJ, sittin’ in a tree …


    The intimidation factor


  2. Has nothing on my discussion thread.
  3. Wont be here work at 4am on Tuesday.

  4. Nap before RAW. Watch RAW and then go to work after? :emoji_grin:
  5. I'll try an catch some live but cant promise anythin.
  6. Will watch live.
  7. Was going to watch live, but took an arrow to the knee. :cry:
  8. with my arrow. :tough:

  9. Yes, you crave winning discussion threads that you're trying to kill off the competition. :otunga:
  10. That joke hits me in the childhood.
  11. Won't watch live, as usual. :sad:
  12. Why? :sad:
  13. Raw ends at 5am here, and I have to get up at 7am..:sad1:
  14. Sucks. :downer:
  15. Leo C are you here tonight?
  16. This thread just got bigger. :boss:
  17. :mog:
  18. Crayo, you're dumb. :finger:
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