WWE RAW Febuary 11th 2013 Live Discussion Thread

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, February 11, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, February 12, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3


    Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN

    RAW Five-Point Preview


    1. WWE Champion The Rock comes to Raw


    2. Can anyone control Brock Lesnar?


    3. Who is next in Mark Henry’s sights?


    4. Which returning Superstar is poised for a big 2013?


    5. Will John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback deliver justice?


  2. this doesn't look good :sad:
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  3. Its gonna suck ...
  4. Another long TV match please.
  5. That's gonna be boring... Where's the emotion in that? Want to see Lesnar kicking some asses, that'd be ok
  6. Pretty lame for a go home show.
  7. I'm excited about Henry, Lesnar and how The Shield vs. The Three Stooges feud develops.
  8. Will watch, just to see if Testify jumps the rail and attacks Punk.
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  9. In Portugal I have no possibility of watching live in any TV network so I have to require a stream. Well, I'm pretty sure that it's going to be (again) a boring show because of the non-sensical fillers, but I'm on vacation, so... why not?
  10. Lol, the random car behind Henry. :lol1:
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  11. Let me know if you need any streams.

    I don't get why people are hating on this already to be honest.
  12. Meh. Might watch.
  13. IWC is all about negative vibe, and I'm no one to judge, but I'm just telling you from my one years experience on this forum.

    Hating on products for no reason, just like I used to pick on TNA fans for no reason. Shit that hasn't changed yet, which is very surprising.
  14. It's really hard to get excited for a 3 hour fillerfest.

    Either way, we've been having fun and rating the show highly each week, so there's no reason to dread watching this...
  15. You need to replace "WWEForums" with "IWC".
  16. The IWC does complain, but what i don't understand is why even watch it if you hate it so much? There are plenty of other wrestling promotions to watch. I understand complaning, but when it's constant, it's slightly annoying, and ruins the fun. I think it's ironic that I joined the IWC because my friends basically don't care for Wrestling. They would speak bad about it like it's lame, but the IWC likes to TRASH the WWE>. Just something i've noticed.
  17. Anyways, I can't wait to watch tonight. Cya guys 10 mins before.
  18. Whilst I agree with it all, the IWC has never changed and it never will unfortunately.
  19. Will be able to watch live :awyeah:
  20. Nicely spotted. What's that doing there? :dawg:
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