WWE RAW July 16th 2012 Live Discussion Thread

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    United States: Live, Monday Night, July 16, at 9/8c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, July 17, at 2AM on SkySportsHD3


    Mandalay Bay Events Center at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV

    What to expect

    Past RAW Superstar to Appear

    Final Build to the 1,000th Episode of RAW

    Money-in-the-Bank Fallout
  2. Hope it is better then Zackdown or else it will fail.
  3. I'll watch it. I'm not as pumped up for the shows as I was previously since Backlund has already returned, but let's see how the show goes.
  4. I'm normally stupidly optimistic however I'm certain this show will suck since it's the one before 1000th.
  5. i cant believe cena cashed the mitb contract at raw and lost !! LOL
  6. Making everyone who comes here during or after the show pissed because they think you spoiled a major point: successful. :win:
  7. Khali wins championship!!! The Internet championship.

  8. Hoss they just reminded me you need to put a spoiler before the title so folk don't get the show ruined for them.
  9. It's the show after MITB so it can't be worse than last week. #optimism
  10. From a logical standpoint it's true, fallout of the PPV should be enough to make the show better than the... few hours before and after Bob Backlund appeared on TV. If Cena, Punk and Sheamus win I don't see a bright show, but it's tough for a show to be worse than what we saw next week.
  11. In theory it should be good because it's like a fallout show and go home show all in one. That said, it will probably suck.
  12. It's true, fallout from MITB and go home for Raw 1000... so it may be a clusterf*ck.
  13. And, the Crayo Curse Continues!
  14. Cena failing the MITB will make me cry tears of joy.
  15. It would make me cry tears of pain

    1. It would cost me £114

    2. It would probably be Kane or Fatty who won it
  16. I meant the cash in on Raw
  17. Oh I see, it would probably lead to some dull-ass storyline about a Cena breakdown that gets us all excited about a heel turn and then just disappoints us as he overcomes the odds and buries someone who I probably mark for.

    But yeah it'd be funny :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  18. I don't care, it'd be the most epic moment of Raw for the past few years for me...someone to just come in and get him DQed :yay:
  19. Cena will get injured at mitb and be out for a several months :win:
  20. Wishful thinking but I doubt it.
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