WWE RAW June 10th 2013 Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, June 10, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, June 11, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3​
    Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA​
    RAW Five-Point Preview
    1. Highway to Hell
    2. The return of the World Heavyweight Champion
    3. Kaitlyn’s secret admirer to be revealed
    4. Punk watch continues

    5. Will Cena finally get some payback?

  2. Hell yeah for Dolph being on the top 5 list.
  3. That picture of HHH and Axel is ass.

    Anyway, should be another solid episode of Monday Night Raw Starring Daniel Bryan... wait, where is Bryan not on the Top 5?
    Really, really good to see how many different angles are going on. Thrilled to see Hennig mentioned twice, but wonder why they're teasing Cena and Axel over Cena and Ryback.
    Oh and it's the go-home show by the way.
  4. How's everybody doing in here?:boss:
  5. 1. That picture of Axel is just goofy. I'm expecting something to occur here that prevents this match from taking place until next Sunday at Payback.

    2. Not that I was ever a HUGE Ziggler fan anyway, but WWE has done a good job of making me not care almost at all at this point... Especially for a boring feud with Del Rio.

    3. Don't care. I don't mind seeing Katilyn though, she's hot. Let's just hope for the best, which is anyone being the secret admirer but Mark Henry (which I guess means I do care to an extent.) A lot of people seem to think it might be Del Rio because of the AJ/Kaitlyn rivalry, that way it'll be Del Rio and Kaitlyn against Ziggler and AJ in a mixed team sort of situation.

    4. The main thing I find interesting. Hopefully Punk doesn't show till the PPV since it'll seem more mysterious that way.

    5. Gee, wonder what will happen here... oh yeah, another attack on Cena from behind, courtesy of Ryback. Expect it more than ever since they almost always have the loser at the PPV get the upper hand on the go-home show. I suspect Cena is getting thrown in the ambulance since that very thing will happen to Ryback at the PPV to end this feud.
  6. Ill be here :woo:
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  7. I love watching DZ back to live shows! I don't really care about Kaitlyn's admirer, I don't even care about Kaitlyn tbh
  8. "countless members of the WWE Universe can only continue to dream of the opportunity to meet the stunningly beautiful champion face-to-face."
    Strangest sentence I've ever read.

    Really looking forward to Axel main eventing his 4th straight RAW. :gary:

    And hooray, Dolph's back!
  9. It's amazing how many more interesting things there are this year compared to this time last year. Punk's returning. Dolph's returning (#teamoptimism). The whole saga with Daniel Bryan/The Shield/Orton is captivating to us, the whole Triple/McMahon shit has to be interesting for the AE generation. The Divas have some sort of storyline, and us Ryback marks aren't unhappy with his performance lately. Axel's a new pseudo main-eventer and Sandow is carrying Sheamus to an entertaining, if not interesting, feud.

    Is there Punk main-events Summerslam this year ahead of Cena's WWE Title? What a twist. :russo:

    Remember this time last year where we had two horrible storylines (Cena/Ace and Punk/Bryan/Kane/AJ) and that was all?

  10. :no:
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  11. Lulz at Axel.
  12. Haven't watched the previous RAW. This is so much pressure
  13. Lol @ that Kaitlyn/Natalya segment: he might be a creep, so it's much better that you meet him on your own with nobody watching!

  14. It isn't for me because it's a case of Been There, Done That. If I wanna see Triple H vs Vince, I'll watch late 1999/early 2000.
  15. Fine, throw my optimism back in my face. I hate you too.

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  16. Eh, might as well continue my Monday night ritual and be here tomorrow.
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  17. Neil Thorn getting revealed as Kaitlyn's admire tonight. It makes perfect sense, since he hasn't been on the forums around the time Kaitlyn was getting stalked by her admirer. :true:
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  18. See that video clip listed at #3? See how you can see the curve of her boobs? Yeah, well, last night I watched SmackDown and spent the majority of Kaitlyn's and Natalya's backstage segment looking at Kaitlyn's boobs. Interesting top. Given, I did actually look at their faces, too, but yeah that whole thing just draws the eye to her boobs. Well played, Kaitlyn. Still don't give a shit who her admirer is.
  19. Wonder if they'll use the Kaitlyn admirer thing to debut someone. The lack of reaction would make it awkward, but who knows.
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