WWE RAW June 24th 2013 Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, June 24, at 8/7c on the USA Network​
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, June 25, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3​
    North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, SC​
    RAW Five-Point Preview
    1. Heyman havoc
    2. Only the strong survive
    3. World's Wrongest Slam
    4. Show stolen

    5. Cracking The Shield

  3. NOOOOOO! :upset: You beat me to it!
  4. Not feeling hyped for this show sadly.
  5. You were hyped for last week, and then it gave us the best RAW for years, but you're not hyped for this week?
  6. #TeamOptimistic
  7. WWE usually fucks it up. I guess he doesnt want the ¨streak¨ (Payback+Raw) to be broken :haha:

  8. Essentially, I just feel a meh show coming on this week. An Orton heel turn will probably happen as Bryan goes over which isn't really interesting me, Heyman will talk up Brock attacking Punk as something he knew nothing about so they won't go head to head yet and Cena will cut a generic promo about melting sexual chocolate into a protein shake. This weeks impact looks insane though.
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  9. I'm sort of with Seabs. I'm hoping for another good Raw, but not expecting it.
  10. I'm not 100% optimistic about this being a great follow up to last week's Raw either. Last week could have just been a number of different factors all luckily falling into place at once. I wouldn't expect that kind of quality every week.
  11. I'm looking forward to it, so it'l be shit.
  12. Hoping to make it tonight, pretty tough to follow up from last weeks great show though
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  13. Will spend my afternoon on this tomorrow. Not much else to do really.
  14. mMMMmMmm SASHA
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  15. Who will be in this biscuit tonight?
  16. I'm hoping there are advancements in story-lines involving the Tag Team titles and the U.S title, because The Shield need some sort of feud other than the combination of Orton, Kane & Bryan.
    Speaking of which, this is the first week in which I'm not anticipating an Orton heel turn..
  17. Lets watch orton and sheamus squash people again yay
  18. Agreed. I am hoping we see the beginning stages of a hinted Ambrose / Christian feud; a feud that makes me extremely excited. Unfortunately I can't think of any competition for the tag-team champions though, so I'm expecting a filler feud until Summerslam.
  19. So my mobile device that I normally use to participate in LD's broke today. :upset:I'll probably be here for like half of it through a stream but it's way too hot to sit here the whole time.
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