WWE RAW May 13th 2013 Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, May 13, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, May 13, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, May 14, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3​
    BOK Center in Tulsa, OK​
    RAW Five-Point Preview
    1. Brock Lesnar and Triple H to go face-to-face
    2. Jericho vs. Fandango Dance-Off
    3. Who will Ryback target next?
    4. Will Kaitlyn’s secret admirer reveal himself?

    5. What is the status of the injured World Heavyweight Champion?

  2. I think I speak for everyone when I say I absolutely can't wait!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]

    Sooooooo excited for tonight's show!
  6. On a more serious note, I should be here tonight as far as I know. So yay and shit.
  7. Feeling a little sadomasochistic today?
  8. That's different from any other day? :otunga:
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Ill be here, I wonder if guys from MP will show up.
  11. And hopefully for the last time as well
  12. Tulsa, OK.
    How is the crowd there and isn't that where Swagger is from?
  13. Swagger is from Oklahoma, yes. And I imagine it will be a mark ass crowd that is pretty quiet. I remember some baaaaaaaaaad Oklahoma crowds.

    I imagine most people in oklahoma will be doing what I'm doing tonight... sitting on their couch and watching Memphis/OKC game 4
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  14. LOL, WWE gotta pay attention to these NBA Playoffs. They keep getting in trouble because of them.

    *Entire crowd checks phones in unison to see KD hit 40*
  15. inb4 They embarrass JR somehow.
  16. will me my last one for a while off to turkey tomorrow
  17. Tbh, if Ziggler is unable to compete, I could see them putting Big E as a replacement.
    But what I would really like is if they added Christian to the match and he would hold it until Ziggler is back and have a great feud with him.
  18. Looking forward to tonight. Let's hope the go home show doesn't disappoint.
  19. Ready to counterbalance Crayo, guize.

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  20. God damnit.
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