WWE RAW November 11th 2013 Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Nov 11, 2013.

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, Nov. 11, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, Nov 12, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3
    Phones 4u Arena
    Manchester, England
    RAW Five-Point Preview:

    1. Dangerous Alliance
    2. Three-way Dance
    3. Choose The Deadman's greatest foe
    4. Be careful what you wish for
    5. The Devil's Favorite Director

  2. Expect a really good episode tonight, they usually go all out on the UK Shows, Undertaker return? Possible.
  3. Barrett confirmed via Twitter he'll be returning tonight,it'll be interesting to see if he's been repackaged or not.
  4. Anyone able to tell me what Bad News Barrett is?
  5. I hope there is something planned for him tonight instead of just seeing Barrett squash Kofi in a meaningless match.
  6. Isn't this show taped? I had a feeling it would be.
  7. It gets taped about 7PM GMT.
  8. Might just read spoilers and not sit through 3 hours this time.
  9. Mancs rule Raw tonight
  10. Rumours are Paige is going to be called up in England
  11. Doubt she would debut with little to no build up before hand.
  12. No divas get build up for debuts
  13. Shit is it at the phones4u arena? My bus goes past there and it's a tighter squeeze than a virgin to get through.
    What time is it? Place better not be packed to shit.
  14. About 7pm I believe
  15. Kharma had weeks of build up before she debuted. Plus,she's not the typical diva.
  16. That was years ago though
  17. Bout an hour after I leave work, place is going to be packed.

    Think I better get the bus further down just in-case BLFFL walks out into the road and causes a pile-up. I'd catch joke if I seen her though.
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  18. It was only two years ago,imho Paige needs a build up before she debuts.
  19. UK crowds usually make shows good, but remember Raw had a really hot start last week and the crappy show killed the crowd an hour in.
    So, please don't unleash your inner NFL and send a bunch of suck to England. The fans deserve better.
  20. Adam "Depressive Live Discusser" Aries will be here!
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