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  1. The final Raw episode before WWE Payback is all set to be a well packed show as much awaited debut of Doc Gallows and Ken Anderson is going to happen against The Usos , ' The Authority ' return to Raw is teased by WWE continuously , The final hype for matches between Owens - Zayn and Ambrose - Jericho , Ziggler's respond to Corbin , Rumored appearance for Finn Balor and much more takes this edition of Raw special .....

  2. Just a heads it up it's really annoying if you just post a bit of your content then try and get clicks for the rest, it comes off as spammy.
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  3. i HOPE there is a tribute for chyna
  4. Should be one hell of Raw tomorrow night, representing The Bullet Club Gallows/Anderson vs The Usos I thought they would save that match for a later date maybe Payback? Anyways should to be interesting how Connecticut will treat Anderson/Gallows whether to boo them, or cheer them or give them no reaction. Should be a good match between the two teams tomorrow night. Also more Enzo/Cass hype towards Payback I really want them to win, but we know that's going to happen. Still their debut in WWE so far has done perfectly and the wheels off this Train isn't going to fall off anytime soon. Also you gotta think The Authority is going to show up tonight and try to take over right? They'll been gone too long, it's time for Shane vs Triple H to have problems alongside Stephanie this week. I can see Triple H vs Shane to be second in command of WWE, who knows lol.
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