WWE Raw rating: Did the Ryback or John Cena choice lead to a strong rating?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Oct 16, 2012.

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  2. Wow, way better than I expected. But next week they have the presidential debate and a big sports game iirc, will be interesting to see what they do to compete.
  3. 8 Bra and Panties matches. :gusta:
  4. Didn't Punk say on Twitter he was going to wrestle a live lion?
  5. I'd like to see that because there will be BLOOD..LOTS OF BLOOOOD!
  6. I wonder if they miss their 3.0 ratings. :lol1:

    And no Vince probably. I don't see a reason for him being there except to draw viewers/ratings.
  7. Not sure, I think Punk teased something for next week. I like Vince being around personally. 3 hours has fucked RAW over though like ALL OF US said it would.
  8. Yah I like him being there too but they can't have Vince coming every week. We'll just start to get tired of him too.
  9. Let's be serious Hoss, you want to see 8 Bra & Panties matches... :gusta:
  10. Will never tire of heel Vince, but face Vince yeah. But face Vince > AJ.
  11. John Cena wasn't mad when Mr. McMahon said, "Ryback!" He was busy saying, "FEED ME MORE!"
  12. Cena elected Ryback to take Punk, it wasn't Vince's choice.
  13. You know me too well. :otunga:

    I miss heel Vince.
  14. Ohhh. I didn't notice that part. Thanks. :sonnen:
  15. Absolutely. And didn't we all wonder how screwed WWE would be with Cena injured? Punk's heel, Orton still think he is, so Ryback's being rushed since nobody's even close... lets see how the buyrate does. (And no, Vince, Sheamus is NOT a star)

    We've been saying this for years and you wouldn't listen, you brought it upon yourselves. Smarks > you.
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  16. Liked. Though I do think Ryback will be a draw, I think he has that it factor about him. The way he's that over without doing anything significant is sort of proof. Ryback > Sheamus.
  17. OK ratings (given all the factors involved), although in comparison to normal ones it's low, of course. Seeing Ryback in the ME this early indeed indicates that the only big guy they have is Cena... pathetic.
  18. That rating is terrible. TNA is gonna be on their ass soon if this keeps up
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