WWE Raw Results (12/26): Punk Runs The Gauntlet!

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  1. CM Punk's music starts to play and the hometown crowd erupts, but John Laurinaitis comes out wearing a Punk shirt and does his entrance and says that is part of his unpredictability. He starts to talk about change and says he was honoring Punk, but the music starts again and this time Punk really does come out to confront him. Punk says he thinks John is trying to antagonize him to get a reaction, and he wants to know what is stopping him from kicking his ass right now. John says he is the boss and he could fire him, but he would like to empower Punk and give him a holiday gift by giving him the night off. He yells gotcha and asks who thought he is predictable, and Punk says everyone does but John says everyone is wrong because he gives the fans what they want.

    John tells Punk he will be in a match, and possibly a second and a third because he will be in a gauntlet match, and if someone beats him they will get a title shot next week. Punk says his ideas are no good because he wants to know what happens when he beats all three of them, and tells John he has a present for Chicago and may wrestle a fourth match. Punk says he wants to wrestle John, but John tells him it's not fair to him and Punk tells him to listen to the fans while they chant 'you can't wrestle' at John. He takes a fan poll and asks if they want to see Punk face John and they all cheer, then John says he gave him no alternative and agrees to the match.

    Booker T vs Cody Rhodes

    Booker ties Cody up then shoves him off the ropes and takes a shoulder block but comes back with a hiptoss, then bodyslams Cody and gets a two count. Cody comes back with some right hands then he kicks Booker in the corner, but Booker comes back with a snap suplex and goes for a scissors kick but Cody moves. He hits a swinging neckbreaker and kicks Booker a few times then pulls down his knepad and drives his knee into his throat before throwing him outside as we go to a break.

    When we return, Cody kicks Booker in the corner and drops a knee on Booker's head, then flips him over and applies a legscissors chokehold. Booker fights to his feet and throws some punches then whips him off the ropes but Cody hits a dropdown punch and a clothesline. Booker tries to shake it off and uses the ropes to pull himself up but Cody kicks him until the ref backs him off but he goes right back and throws some rights in the corner. They trade punches until Cody hits a dropkick and gets a two count, then he twists Booker's arm behind his leg and applies a camel clutch like hold, but Booker is able to get his arm free.

    Cody knees him in the back then hits a shoulder block in the corner and whips him across the ring, but Booker throws an elbow and gets his knees up. He follows with some clotheslines and a side slam for two, then leapfrogs Cody in the corner and goes for another rollup before going for another scissors kick. Cody moves again and hits Beautiful Disaster for a two count, then Cody sets up for Cross Rhodes but Booker counters with a side heel kick then misses a axe kick but comes right back and hits a scissors kick for the win.

    Winner - Booker T

    Zack Ryder is shown in the back saying he owes his success to John Cena, but Cena says he doesn't owe him anything because he did it himself. Every told him he couldn't make it and Zack didn't listen, but he waited for 44 weeks and earned it, and Zack says he can make another wish come true tonight. Zack asks him what is going on with Kane, and Cena says he is going back out to the ring to find out, and if Kane is going to show up or be in the building tonight, he is going to make sure 2011 goes out with a bang.

    King announces to the crowd that Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry are CM Punk's opponents tonight, then we go backstage to see Big Show talking to Kelly Kelly. A referee comes up and tells Show that John Laurinaitis needs to see him, and Show tells him not now because he is busy, but the referee tells him it is an emergency and he tells Kelly he will catch up with her later. John is shown on the phone with Brodus Clay and tells him he will debut next month, then Show comes in and John asks if he can explain something. They show a clip of Show sucker punching David Otunga, then Otunga says he wasn't ready and if he was he could have blocked it.

    Show says he could beat him with one arm behind his back, and John tells Otunga to accept that match but Show says he knows what is really going on. He lunges at Otunga to get him to flinch and says he is better with one arm than Otunga is with two and tells him he will see him later and leaves. Elsewhere, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are arguing in the back about who will beat CM Punk tonight, but Vickie tells them it doesn't matter who wins. She says one of them will still be WWE Champion next week, then Mark Henry pushes past them and angrily says excuse me while Dolph and Jack continue to bicker.

    Zack Ryder & Eve vs Tyson Kidd & Natalya

    Kidd kicks Zack in the corner then whips him off the ropes and kicks him in the back, then whips him across the ring but Zack jumps and gets his knees up. He hits a dropkick but Kidd tags out and Natalya and Eve tie up then Eve hits an armdrag and hiptoss, and hits a booty poppin' standing moonsault for two. Natalya gets up and kicks her in the stomach and goes for a Sharpshooter but Eve kicks her away and makes the tag to Zack. He dropkicks Kidd and hits a facebuster, then gets kicked in the stomach but comes back with a sitout power bomb. Natalya breaks up a pin attempt then Zack and Eve hit the Broski Boot and Zack hits Kidd with the Rough Ryder for the win.

    Winners - Zack Ryder & Eve

    John Cena comes out to confront Kane and he says he isn't exactly Chicago's favorite, and he had his first match there but they have never been too nice to him. He says there is magic in this building and they have hosted three Wrestlemanias and inducted Eddie Guerrero into the Hall of Fame. Cena says one of the great recent moments was when CM Punk beat him at Money In The Bank, but right now he is going to call out Kane so they can see hellfire and brimstone. Miz comes out instead and says he wants a mtach instead, and tells Cena they need to tie some loose ends up because it was his year and he beat Cena but people tell him it was a cheap win. Miz says the Rock stole his moment but he isn't letting this year end without standing over a beaten John Cena, and Cena tells him to shut up and get a referee.

    Miz vs John Cena

    Cena armdrags Miz then takes him down with a waistlock and applies a headlock, then Miz shoves him off the ropes and ducks out to the floor. He grabs a mic and says the fans should be chanting for him, and he is sick of this match because he is must see and he doesn't care how he beat Cena. Miz says the bottom line is that he won and he is a winner like the Packers, and asks if they get it as he gets counted out then says he is walking out of this crappy city with his head held high.

    R-Truth makes his return and tackles Miz and they brawl at ringside then Truth throws him into the barricade and tackles him over the table. Truth slams his head onto it then repeatedly throws him into the barricade and table before slamming his head into the ring steps and getting a microphone. Miz tries to fight back and Truth punches him a few times and says he could end this right now, but there is no fun in that because he wants every Monday to be like Christmas. He says he will take his time getting to Miz and this new year he gon get got, then hits Miz and throws a water bottle at his head.

    Winner (by countout) - John Cena

    Big Show vs David Otunga
    (Big Show has one arm tied behind his back)

    Show tries to corner Otunga then headbutts him and chops him, then pulls him and punches him in the back and Otunga continues to run away. He tries to take Show down and rams his shoulder into him, but Show grabs him by the head and throws him to the floor as Mark Henry's music starts to play. Henry comes out and gets in the ring while Show tries to free his hand, but Henry clotheslines him as Daniel Bryan runs out and distracts him. Show gets back up and frees his hand and tries to chokeslam Henry, but Otunga hits him from behind and Show clotheslines him instead while Henry runs away.

    Winner (by disqualification) - Big Show

    Ricardo Rodriguez wheels Alberto Del Rio out in a wheelchair and he says it is a tragedy that the man who won everything was injured, because he brought class and toughness. He says he tore his groin in the main event last week and asks if they are happy, then says how dare they cheer but it doesn't matter because he will be back. The Bellas come out and say they all need to respect him, and Nikki says she will personally throw a party for his return and they start fighting over him. Alberto tells them to get out of there because he doesn't want to see them, then makes a resolution and says he will come back meaner and better and it doesn't matter who it is but he will get his title back.

    Gauntlet Match
    CM Punk vs Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler & Mark Henry
    (If Punk wins, he gets a match with John Laurinaitis)

    Swagger tries to take Punk down with a waistlock, then Punk blocks it so Swagger tries to overpower him in a test of strength then puts Punk in a headlock. He runs the ropes and hits a shoulderblock but Punk comes back with a heel kick and knees Swagger in the chest then runs the ropes only to get dropped with a gutbuster. Swagger runs at him in the corner but Punk gets a boot up and jumps off the top rope, but Swagger catches him and hits another gutbuster. He knees Punk then goes for a Swagger Bomb, and Punk catches him and goes for a GTS but Swagger scratches his face, then Punk ducks a clothesline and hits a roundhouse kick to take the first fall.

    Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance and Swagger chopblocks Punk from behind, but the ref checks on Punk to see if he can continue and he says yes. Dolph is in control after a commercial and he has Punk in a heel lock, but Punk uses his free leg to kick him away and goes for a bodyslam. Punk's leg gives out and Dolph falls on him then he continues to attack the knee and sets up a suplex but Punk reverses into a small package for a two count. Dolph snaps his leg backwards then hits a dropkick when Punk stands up, and puts him in a leg stretch but Punk headbutts him to break it.

    Punk blocks a dropkick and slingshots him into the corner, then attempts a neckbreaker but Dolph shoves him away then kicks Punk's leg from behind. Dolph puts him in a single leg crab and arches back but Punk is able to fight through and crawls to grab the bottom rope to break the hold. He stands up and takes a punch then blocks a few more and hits a spinning heel kick and a bodyslam, then repeatedly kicks Dolph in the back. Punk kicks him right in the head and gets a two count, then avoids a leg lariat and hits a knee in the corner.

    Swagger runs a distraction while Vickie grabs Punk's leg during a GTS attempt, and Dolph makes a cover but Punk kicks out as John Laurinaitis comes out. Punk kicks Dolph in the head and makes a cover as John grabs a mic and tells the referee to pay attention because he witnessed an injustice tonight. He says he knows the referee can't see everything, but Vickie interfered and he kicks them out of the ringside area then tells Punk he has more news. John stands on the steps and says he won't interfere anymore, then Dolph hits Punk with the Zig Zag from behind to win the match and he will get a title shot next week.

    Winner - Dolph Ziggler

    Kane makes his way out to the ring and sets his pyro off, then takes off his helmet and tells everyone that what they see if his true self. He might be wearing a mask, but they all spend their time hiding and lying and... John Cena interrupts him. Kane makes his pyro explode on the stage to cut Cena off, and he says the reason he chose him is because Cena wants people to rise above hate. He says the world is a dark place and it's OK to hate because humans are evil by nature, and everyone hates so they should really just embrace it. Kane says you should let the hate consume you, because they hate their bosses, neighbors and spouses and rising above it is a myth that Cena created.

    Kane says we are all born from hate and it fuels everyone and he knows Cena feels it like it is eating away at him, but once he embraces it he will become honest. Kane says Cena will become free and his denial makes him weak, but he is going to help Cena because he is going to leave him with a lasting image. He says the last thing he will see and hear this year is the fans chanting "Cena Sucks" and the fans start to boo and chant
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