WWE Raw reviewed (Episode 972)

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  1. Hi guys, I have a review here, which will review each episode of Monday Night Raw, comment on it on what you think, I do enjoy hearing what others think of each episode.

    Episode 972 review

    Follow the review to see it each week

    I will update the title as well, so check this too.
  2. RE: WWE Raw reviewed (Episode 1023)

    No way it's the 1023rd episode.
    RAW hasn't reached 1000 episodes still.

    Anyway, good review but too much details there.
    In my opinion there shouldn't be so much information.
  3. RE: WWE Raw reviewed (Episode 1023)

    Raw hasn't reached it's thousandth episode yet. I do believe it is only episode 921. But you have a good review still. A lot of information though. I would read it all if I didn't watch the episode myself.
  4. RE: WWE Raw reviewed (Episode 1023)

    As the others said, it can't be that many episodes yet.

    As for the review, I like the suggested names for tag-teams lol. Santino and Yoshi, that'd be a good mid-card tag-team if I'm honest, Chavo Guerrero has left WWE mate and Rey + Sin won't team up yet I don't think, as they're rumoured to face each-other at Mania' first. Ted + Mason could be decent too.

    I don't think Miz is turning face either which is what you referred to (I think). Truth is the face here unfortunately.

    "How will win the Royal Rumble, well it has to be a Smackdown superstar so that Wrestlemania 28 Rock vs Cena for the WWE championship can go ahead." I don't think this match will be for the championship. They kind of scrapped it recently and haven't mentioned it since Cena said it months ago. I really don't see the title match at Mania' not including their new super-face CM Punk. They're trying to build him up because he's so over, which leads me to believe the heel turn for Cena is happening at Mania'.

    Good idea for reviews though, it's something I might start doing.
  5. RE: WWE Raw reviewed

    You should, and thanks to everyone, I miscalculated, and have corrected. 100th ep in july. You make good points about CM Punk, and I believe Cena will turn, but I still guarantee Smackdown superstar will win. Post your comments on the blog, so others can see your opinion, and you can then have multiple discussions.
  6. Oh yeah a SmackDown superstar will win, unless it's Jericho or Punk. Only reason I think both of those could be contenders is because if Punk loses at RR to Ziggler (because of a Jericho interference) then Punk could enter rumble and win for that mania match for the title. They're pushing Punk to the moon at the moment so this wouldn't shock me in the slightest, I'd love it. Jericho could win in this scenario; Jericho costs Ziggler the match early in the night, every-one asks why? He wins the Rumble and RAW the next night he explains why (his first time talking). Says he wants to face Punk at Mania' but the WWE Championship, and the prize of "The best wrestler in the world" title, as Jericho always says "He's the best in the world at what he does".

    But realistically, I think it will be Orton, Barrett or Sheamus.
  7. That is a good point, I hadn't taken that into consideration, Jericho may interfere, but I still believe that barrett is going to win, as you said promotion is heavily on Punk, but likewise with Barrett as a heel.
  8. If Sheamus doesn't bury him first lol.

    Agreed though, WWE seem to finally see sense by establishing Barrett as the star he is. Though, cross your fingers, they've dropped the ball with him before.
  9. I think Sheamus still has a way to go, maybe around Sumerslam he'll be champ again
  10. Wish you were right. Last time he lost clean was to Henry going through the barricade. Sheamus is being pushed to the moon atm as a superman. I'd take Orton or Barrett over Sheamus every day of the week personally.
  11. I feel orton will become the new John cena, and I personally prefer orton as a heel, as he plays it so well. However he is a big merchandise guy, like Cena and won't turn heel.
  12. Orton isn't like Cena I don't think, or will become like him. Orton is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, very underrated. Henry & Barrett have both gone over Orton recently, Henry was clean.

    Doesn't happen with Cena often. As for the heel turn, CM Punk outsells Cena currently, that's why I see Cena going heel.
  13. Oh most certain. Although I wish they would hurry it up already, guarantee many fans will cheer this
  14. Punk only outsells him in the mens sizes I believe the kids and womens are still buying the Cena merch.
  15. Oh I bet they do, there his only fans. Very high pitched "Lets go Cena" vs Low pitched "Cena Sucks" Which one are you

    Cena Sucks
  16. Nope. Recently I think CM Punk overtook Cena in the women's department. Don't know for sure, I read a report he did though.

    I could just check but I'm lazy.
  17. Cena has four items in the top 10 compared to Punk's 2 according to wweshop.com in the ladies sizes.
  18. I see Punk having 3 items in the top 10 with Cena having 1?

    Am I doing it wrong? I went to ladies t-shirts, and hit top sellers.
  19. Just click ladies then sort by best sellers I'm assuming we mean all merch and not just shirts.
  20. Ah yeah I see, was just comparing shirts.

    They probably make quadruple money from the men than women though, since many more men would be buying the t's.

    Holy shit, for the mens, stone cold has 3 items in the top 10.