WWE Raw reviewed (Episode 974) Swagger New Champ!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sackfist, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. Here is the review of WWE RAW episode 975, I apologize for the lateness as I had an exam and could not watch RAW until now.

    WWE RAW Episode 974 reviewed

    BTW: I knew WWE were going to have Kane vs Cena at Royal Rumble, I posted it on last weeks thread. Who else is psyched that Swagger is champion?
  2. You need to space out that review, it's well hard to read in that format.

    Also, surprised Kane isn't in his match, the rumble.Also psyched but he won't be champ for long.
  3. Spaced. WWE can make Swagger a great heel champion, like cody rhodes, but cody does not have enough attention on his title. Swagger could be like JBL, a long reigning champion, annoying, but instead of being a closet champion like JBL was, he has great in ring ability
  4. Swagger isn't close to Rhodes' level I don't think. Swagger is great don't get me wrong, but Rhodes' mic work, ring ability, look, is just the total package. I don't think Swagger is going to have it long to be honest. Ryder will get the sympathetic runner-up win on Swagger.
  5. I am a big Swagger fan. I think his terrible mic skills are quite funny.

    Who heard when Swagger shouted into the camera, "Whats My name?!" A kid replied douchbag?
  6. Lol I didn't see that :O
  7. During his match against Cena, while he is waiting for Cena to enter
  8. The guy is easily hated so no surprise really.
  9. I will post smackdowns review today as well as NXT
  10. People still watch NXT?
  11. Apparently so. Btw why is there not a section for NXT on this forum, there are on others
  12. PPV and Events is were it all goes.
  13. "PPV & Events"

    Read the description of the section. NXT goes in that section :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  14. Ahh ok, BTW how many people are on the site, as I only see posts from RKO, Crayo, Seabs and CM Punk, are we the only ones?
  15. The statistics are down the bottom. 120 members.

    You're missing out Goldberg, Tzesi, Xanth, CM PuLs3, Tombstone Piledriver, Leojaay, CmPunk (the other one), there's loads more. They just don't post as much as us.
  16. Ahh, Ok I got ya. BTW why don't you send an email out about Smackdown? As you send one out for RAW, asking if we have watched it.

    Also SOPA & PIPA could cause risk to your site.
  17. Nice review. Also, I like Ryder as champ tbh. Ryder can draw in more then Swagger. Swagger is the better wrestler by far though probably.
  18. Don't get me wrong, Ryder's alright. But Swagger was a good world heavyweight champion, he made it interesting, similar to JBL did. I hope he has a long reign
  19. SOPA & PIPA have been pulled. Internet won. For now. Also, SmackDown isn't live. People watch SmackDown at different times, that's why there isn't really a discussion thread either. I hope one day it is live again.

    Swagger's last US Championship reign was a bore, didn't bring credibility at all. Wasn't he face too? Eww. He's okay now if he gets mic time (even though he's bad on the mic), it could be good.
  20. SOPA and PIPA ended because Anon destroyed the gov't pretty much lol.