WWE RAW September 3rd 2012 Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Sep 1, 2012.

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  2. Might be able to join in on this one.
  3. That's very good news my friend. :otunga:
  4. I hope to be conscious during this event :burns:
  5. I hope so too my friend.
  7. Lets hope not. Punk finally got interesting again.
  8. I agree with Stopspot. Hopefully Punk will hold the title a little longer.
  9. I hate the lack of hype to RAW. This thread gets a thumbs down. YOU CAN DO BETTER HOSS!
  10. I don't think any information has been released. So what would he put?
  11. More Anger Management Segments, AJ furthers Vickie Storyline.
  12. That would only add a couple of lines of text... Hopefully some information will be released prior to Raw.
  13. Hi everyone in wwe. On Smackdown August 24th i saw 5 tag teams brwal backstage. How about at night of champions five team Turmoil match for the wwe undisputed tag team championship.
  14. Hey mate. This is just a wrestling fan forum, it's not owned by the WWE and none of us here work for the WWE :emoji_slight_smile:. We just discuss it, amongst other wrestling promotions, as fans.
  15. I'll watch it on Tuesday afternoon as always.

    Although I could see that tag team turmoil match, with PTP winning the titles.
  16. Updated the thread. :otunga:
  17. Layout look's sick!
  18. Cool story bro.:smug:
  19. Will be able to join this one.... :sad: but might be distracted by Youtube....
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