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  2. Really hard to read how good the show will be from this alone, most of this we'll have to see how well it comes across on TV.
    Kinda disappointed to see Bryan celebrate with Cena, figured there'd be more heat between them after the ending yesterday.
    Wait, They're setting up Christian vs Del Rio? Wow.
  3. Looks like it will be a below average episode but it's hard to tell.

    Guess we'll get AJ v Kaitlyn at SS, shows how weak the Divas division is that there are no other contenders for the title.
  4. Gotta love ADR jobbing some more. What a helluva WHC reign that incredibly over guy is having. So glad WWE didn't listen to me and put the belt on DZ, instead providing us with this classic ADR title run that I will no doubt tell my grandchildren about one day.
  5. Weren't you the one jizzing over the double turn at the PPV and saying it was a brilliant move?
  6. It was an epic moment, but I also assumed DZ would get the belt back at either MITB or SS, not the bullshit with Big E derailing that dope ass feud.

    Was I supposed to know WWE was going to turn ADR into a jobber champion? I can't book this stuff for them, I was reacting to one thing they did right, not anticipating the bullshit that would follow.

  7. So you assumed WWE would know how to book Ziggler or ADR, when they've failed countless times before. The anomaly was the angle at the PPV, not the crap that followed.

  8. Do you have to kick me while I'm down? We've established that I'm not allowed to be optimistic, it brings out the worst of WWE. Look at this week's Raw, for example.
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  9. True, sorry dawg. :happy:
  10. Also, anyone else a bit disappointed that the Wyatt fam is simply beating the shit out of Kane again? What are they, a 1st grader with a crush? They want him to join them so they just keep beating his ass?
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  11. Ryback maineventing again?! What's wrong with you WWE?!

  12. -> Ryback heat backstage -> Mainevent

  13. I normally don't read spoilers but after last week's shit RAW I wasn't going to waste my time again. Very predictable show, the only thing I was shocked about was Christian defeating Del Rio. Gonna DVR to see the Wyatt segment.
  14. So... next week is a taped show or?
  15. Looks mediocre as fuck. Also, not a fan of Bryan and Cena celebrating together. Ugh.
  16. Easy way of giving Cena cheap pops
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  17. Anyone shocked to see Christian beat Del Rio? Anyone? In a positive way.
  18. Sounds like an average show.

    -I'm happy Christian is getting a title shot most likely, but is there no way to build towards a world title match than to job out the champions to the challengers? What happened to #1 contender's matches? Battle royals? Tournaments? Or hell, even just an imaginary ranking system where an authority figure (which could be either Maddox, Vickie or even Vince/Stephanie/HHH themselves at the moment) randomly naming someone the number one contender for a belt? I would have been fine with something as simple as Del Rio going up to Vince or any of the McMahons (or Maddox himself) with the WHC draped over his shoulder saying that he needs an opponent for Summerslam and he wants the best competition he can get. They tell Del Rio to let them think about it and later on, they either name Christian the challenger based on the fact that he's a former two-time WHC himself (just like Del Rio) or they set up a match between Christian and someone (maybe another former WHC) where Christian goes over. Or maybe after Maddox or whoever tells Del Rio to give them some time to think about it, we see a backstage segment later on with Del Rio walking the hallways where he has a brief spontaneous interaction with Christian that quickly turns into a confrontation, where Christian is mocked for losing the All-Stars MITB match and Del Rio rubs it in his face that he's the WHC. A brawl erupts, and either Del Rio or Christian go to Maddox and tell him they want the other at Summerslam, and their match is granted.

    -I'm surprised about The Shield defeating Henry and the Usos in a tag team match on Raw instead of Summerslam but at least it means we won't have to suffer through that match at the PPV. Guess they'll be dividing it up so that Henry will get a US Title shot and the Usos will get a tag team title shot (wouldn't be surprised to see it on the pre-show again.) Figured they'd save that for Night Of Champions but I'm glad they're not.

    -I expected something a little more interesting in regards to the Kane/Wyatt Family stuff than just another beat down. I also found the announcement that Kane would be wrestling Daniel Bryan next week (more like last night) to be a pretty underwhelming way of announcing Kane's return after selling the injury received during the first beat down as a severe one. I would have liked to have either had Wyatt try to get Kane to join by giving cryptic sermons to Kane in person, or to make Kane's return a sudden and surprising one. Imagine Wyatt giving a sermon in the ring about wanting Kane to come to them (possibly after another beat down on a random person) and then the lights go out on the family and when they come back on, Kane is suddenly there behind them and he gets into a brawl with Harper and Rowan and fights them off while Wyatt exits the ring. He then does his cut throat signal (same one as Undertaker) at the three of them as they head up the ramp. Maybe he exits the ring and breaks apart the rocking chair too while he's at it.

  19. Yeah, they taped Raw last night in Laredo for next week's show since most of the Raw roster will be overseas for shows in Australia then China.
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  20. I did not know that, thank you. Probably want watch raw then. A nice dvr skim will be in store.
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