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    Special Note: I Did this in the Other Wrestling section but i thought i'm gonna make one for WWE and TNA separately before doing ECW, WCW and so on. Plus i hope this can get stickied some time soon.

    Highest Win Percentages (1-5):
    Rick Steiner: 91.0714% of his total 56 matches

    Tom Zenk: 90.3226% of his total 31 matches
    Warrior: 89.2857% of his 140 matches
    Tony Halme: 87.0968% of his 31 matches
    Kerry Von Erich: 86.5672% of his 67 matches

    Longest Matches (1-5):
    Bruno Sammartino vs Waldo Von Erich: 81:00 Minutes

    Bruno Sammartino vs Gorilla Monsoon: 70:00 Minutes
    Bruno Sammartino vs Pedro Morales: 65:05 Minutes
    Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart: 61:25 Minutes
    Triple H vs The Rock: 60:08 Minutes

    Longest PPV Matches (1-5):

    Alberto Del Rio: 69:52 Minutes, Royal Rumble 2011
    Big John Studd: 64:53 Minutes, Royal Rumble 1989
    Rey Mysterio: 62:12 Minutes, Royal Rumble 2006
    Steve Austin: 61:55 Minutes, Royal Rumble 2001
    Chris Benoit: 61:33, Royal Rumble 2004

    Most PPV Matches (1-5):
    The Undertaker: 159

    Kane: 158 Matches
    Triple H: 156 Matches
    Big Show: 128 Matches
    Edge: 126 Matches

    Most PPV Main Event Matches (1-5):
    John Cena: 95 Matches

    Triple H: 92 Matches
    The Undertaker: 86 Matches
    Randy Orton: 72 Matches
    Shawn Michaels: 56 Matches

    Most RAW Matches (1-5):
    Kane: 393 Matches

    Chris Jericho/Triple H: 377 Matches
    Randy Orton: 357 Matches
    John Cena: 345 Matches
    Big Show: 279 Matches

    Most SmackDown! Matches (1-5):
    Big Show: 313 Matches

    Rey Mysterio: 308 Matches
    Kane: 292 Matches
    Matt Hardy: 267 Matches
    Edge: 221 Matches

    Most WrestleMania Matches (1-5)
    The Undertaker: 22 Matches

    Triple H: 18 Matches
    Shawn Michaels: 17 Matches
    Kane: 16 Matches
    Bret Hart: 14 Matches

    Most Jakked Matches (1-5)
    Funaki: 76 Matches
    Mr.Aquila: 61 Matches
    Mike Lockwood: 49 Matches
    Chaz Warrington: 47 Matches
    TAKA: 44 Matches

    To Be Continued
    Source (open)

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  2. Thank you for taking the time to copy and paste the info... it's interesting.
  3. I typed it up. If i were to copy and past it would have been completely out of margin.
  4. Well, thank you for typing it up then.
  5. I recommend you use yellow coloring for your sarcasm bro.
  6. I was genuinely being nice.. but ok.
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  7. Oh, sorry. I'm used to people being sarcastic with me. Sorry again....

    Will you accept my apology?!?!?!?!?! :why:
  8. Yeah man, just remember not everyone is an asshole... only the majority.. I didn't get my little friendly trophy thing under my name by being a dick lol
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  9. :obama:
  10. Lol Sycosis is a dumbass.
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  11. Here's some more records (and yes, I'm going by memory):

    Youngest WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar (25)
    Youngest World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton (24)
    Youngest Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton (23, beating Jeff Hardy out by only a couple of weeks... or is it the other way around, I can't remember)
    Youngest United States Champion: David Flair (20... even though he won the championship in WCW, the WWE incarnation of the belt still carries the historical lineage of the strap over from that promotion)
    Youngest World Tag Team Champion: Rene Dupree (19... thus becoming the youngest champion of any title ever in WWE history, and I think of any title of any of the promotions that WWE owns completely)
    Youngest Tag Team Champion: Rene Dupree (21)
    Youngest Diva's Champion: Paige (21)
  12. Lol, WWE.com article a week ago.
  13. :okay:
  14. I remember seeing this stuff before. Interesting stuff.

    What's jakked?
  15. An old WWE TV show that ran for a while in the early 2000's before it was renamed.
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  16. That article didn't mention nearly half of the things I posted.
  17. Brock
    David Flair

    5 out of the 7 were from the WWE.com article. Not saying it's bad i'm just saying i remember these from the article. Thanks for telling me :dawg:
  18. I looked up the article again, and yeah, Lesnar wasn't mentioned at all. Neither were Orton or Jeff Hardy (the latter as far as the Intercontinental Championship goes.) They also listed the youngest Cruiserweight and Light Heavyweight Champions (among others) that I didn't mention since I couldn't remember and also couldn't be arsed to look them up. So, yeah. Who the youngest champion is, oldest champion is, longest-reigning champion is, shortest-reigning champion ever, etc. is usually among the simplest things that exist in the huge database of knowledge stored in my brain.

    Also, I mistakenly said that Rene was actually 21 when he won the WWE Tag Team Championships but he was actually 20 according to the article.
  19. Don't know if this is an actual record but at the royal rumble in 2010, Mickie James defeated Michelle MCcool in a 23 second match.

    I think it was 23 Seconds. I may be in-correct. (If anyone know's the correct time span of the match, Please do correct me.) :emoji_slight_smile:

    IMO it should be classified as a record but others may think otherwise.
  20. Dear God, I miss Mickie James....:gusta:

    As for the OP, good work.

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